So it would seem that George Allen is surrounding himself with the yellow, black and brown in the hopes that macaca won’t stick. Fat chance with Wonkette on the case. The homepage actually calls it an “Ethnic Rally” — happened in more diverse Fairfax. Ugh — how about just calling it a Northern VA rally? What a tone-deaf, racist jerk.

I almost feel bad for Allen. Allen doesn’t get it. He and his handlers might want to take a page from the Karl Rove manual — you can only armor a candidate against charges of racism by photographing the candidate with adorable, happy, underprivileged minority children. Like George Bush during the 2000 and 2004 campaigns. Or whenever necessary/polls slip. It’s almost surprising that Bush wasn’t cuddling a tiny black Katrina victim on his lap as he gave his 9/11 speech on Mon. Vietnamese-American senior citizens just don’t have the same magical power over the press and populace, I’m afraid.

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