Al Wynn thinks he can keep winning by fooling folks. He’s a cheater, a crook and a liar. It’s not about serving the people and bettering lives for his constituents. Instead, it’s all about the benjamins for Wynn. Check this out: (emphasis mine)

What’s weird is that Wynn is getting $2000 donation after $2000 donation from people whose employers and job titles are listed only as ‘information requested’. I haven’t counted how many donors he didn’t collect information from, but this is not a new pattern; in 2003, the FEC fined Wynn for not listing the occupation or employer of over 51% of his donors. That’s a big deal, because it means that it’s very difficult to trace or report on conflicts of interest. Given the amount of developer, energy PAC, and telecom PAC money he’s already getting, it’s nearly impossible to tell if someone at a company is making all their employees give to Wynn by looking through public filings. Wynn simply doesn’t list the employers or jobs for many of his big donors.

Marylanders in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties deserve better than this. Vote for Donna Edwards next Tuesday and you vote for a sister with strength and integrity. In the case of Wynn, it’s safe to hate both the playa — and the political game.

African-Americans deserve a seat at the table in Congress — a seat that doesn’t have to be greased with shady under-the-table corporate cheddar.

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