Hate to invoke Diff’rent Strokes but I don’t understand what Cobb, normally coherent, is trying to say. Cobb calls Allen’s macaca misfire both “uncouth” and “straight talk”. What kind of Uncle Tom apology is that? I guess he hankers for the days when racists could feel more open, straightforward and relaxed with their bigotry. Maybe he’s been reading too much of the near-daily self-hating racism over at Michelle Malkin’s blog.

IMHO, racist is as racist does. Sen. George Allen’s history of Confederate flag appreciation speaks for itself. As does the noose that hung in his office. Strange fruit, anyone?

Even the White House is backing away from George Allen — and wisely. Is he still a contender for Senate? Probably. Few remember how vigorously white Virginians fought to preserve segregation in the last century. A lot of those people are still alive and think the same way as Allen even if they no longer feel as free to express themselves. Has he lost a lot of votes in diverse Northern Virginia? Probably. Can he run for President? With the slim election margins we’ve been seeing in recent presidential elections and increasing importance of Latino and Black voters who will see right through Allen’s smirk…I don’t think so.

I’m glad this is crossing over from the blogs into the MSM so Virginians and others can see and decide for themselves. Walk towards the light, Cobb.

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