To call a woman a “chickenhead” in the Black community is to call her a woman of loose virtue and looser affiliations. Joe Lieberman is a fair weather friend and perhaps worse, a serious chickenhead when it comes to kissing up to and then repudiating Black leaders. He’s an opportunist. He’ll take what he can get in terms of rounding up African-American voters and use whomever necessary to survive and stay in the Senate.

In contrast, Ned Lamont is a man who has voluntarily taught some probably bad-ass, sassy kids in Bridgeport. He didn’t have to do that. But he wanted to give something to some kids in what is today one of the least glamourous jobs besides garbage collecting: teaching.

Which person do you think is worth your vote? Read this Salon article to learn more about Lieberman’s ever-changing relationships with Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton.

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