For some reason, progressive bloggers are so focused on Sen. George “Don’t Call Me Macaca” Allen that they may have overlooked another Member of Congress sticking his foot in his mouth. Over at RedState, though there’s a lively discussion in the comments about whether or not Tramm Hudson running for the odious Katherine Harris’ old seat was actually racist when he discussed his thoughts on the inferior aquatic abilities of African-Americans or whether he just sounded racist and was stating a known fact.


From a black person’s perspective, let me clarify since the RedState folks seem sincerely confused. Oh — it’s racist. While it is true that access to swimming pools is often lacking in poorer black neighborhoods, we can be taught to swim just like everyone else. Our swimming abilities and related muscle mass and bone density vary on a case-by-case basis. Just like they do for white people. Because we are human beings. Just like white people. Funny that this seems like an old war story he’s told many times and it’s only through the magic of the internet that the mask is ripped off for all to see.

On the political question, does this hurt Hudson as this gets around? Did he “destroy himself?” Maybe. Unless you prefer to vote for clueless racism. Bonus points to Hudson though for a sincere sounding apology that will likely dull the outrage. Allen, you might want to take notes, son!

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