One of Sen. Allen’s new excuses of use of the word “macaca” is some sort of combined mohawk meets caca (a synonym for shit) explanation. Is anyone really buying this? Why isn’t this man on his knees begging for forgiveness. Virginia is increasingly diverse. Even if this floats there, he has now built up what will be a tough-to-shake rep as a hard-bitten, only semi-apolegetic racist outside of VA.

John McCain continues to lose my respect. How could a man with an adopted daughter from Bangladesh, knowing that Allen would readily refer to her as a monkey behind his back, want to be seen near this man, let alone campaign for him. Does he believe what Allen believes? Or is he so desperate for party approval and support to run for president that he will align himself with this man despite knowing that he is a smug, smirking racist who calls people different from him “shithead” or “monkey” depending on which story you believe? McCain — find a spine. Haven’t we evolved past this as a nation YET?

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