The Democratic party has taken a lesson from the Republicans on re-structuring their 2008 primary schedule, according to CNN. I disagree with this type of thinking that tries to justify the status quo of having the Democratic Presidential Primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire. I understand that New Hampshire is upset about becoming less important to America’s political process. But you know what, I’m actually ok with that. NH is a tiny state that remains homogenous even as the rest of America is changing dramatically.

Look, Blacks and Hispanics held their nose and voted for Kerry/Edwards not because they were inspired but out of a desire to get rid of Bush/Cheney. The Dem party machine operatives seem to struggle to get this — and the fact that the base of minority support actually eroded in favor of Bush in 2004. Choosing a couple of red states with some measure of diversity is a great way to test messages and candidates and see how people really respond. John Kerry’s dry, wooden, equivocating style probably wouldn’t have passed muster or caught any sort of fire in places like Nevada or South Carolina. Finally someone (like Howard Dean?) has decided that the Dems had better get serious and stop taking minority voters for granted…

The old system doesn’t work anymore. Surely we can all see that now. It’s time to get competitive and try some new ideas if we really want change in this country.

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