has come under scrutiny for its popularity with pedophiles but I think it is not yet understood widely how much racism and anti-semitism is happening on YouTube. There is a lot of virtual discussion happening on YouTube with white supremacists posting video responses to anti-racist kids and activists working for tolerance.

YouTube seems aware of the problem and while you can search and find over 1300 videos for the keyword “nigger”, someone at YouTube is rapidly blocking those videos with racist intent and allowing those that use “nigger” in the pop culture sense to remain.

White supremacists are finding YouTube a fertile playground however for spreading their message however and are one step ahead of YouTube’s censors. The YouTube community is also having trouble flagging content rapidly enough for YouTube staff to find and filter. White power activists are using coded tags to hide their videos. I love that they are choosing what they think are politically correct or neutral terms such as “racism” or “yt” or “youtube”. A lot of it is still out in the open though. When I searched under “white power”, I found over 500 videos — mostly racist, mostly viewable by anyone and unflagged yet. There is some pretty rough stuff out there too.

Here’s an example. Don’t be fooled by the cute white polar bear. He is coming to get you, nigger. (Warning: violent content)

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