Only an incumbent who wanted to lose would fail to take responsibility for his supporters ripping up his opponent’s signs and beating up on one of his opponent’s supporters. That type of thuggish behavior is inspired from the top down.

Donna Edwards is waging a strong campaign against Rep. Albert Wynn in a critical Congressional district that happens to be home to a large base of affluent, well-educated black people. She’s a great progressive candidate who is pushing Wynn on votes that have hurt blacks in the long run such as his support for the Iraq War — a vote he now concedes was a mistake.

Yet this altercation makes both candidates look bad and re-inforces the appearance of blacks — no matter how affluent, powerful and well-educated — as at best, thugs and at worst, animals. Wynn’s campaign in particular walks away with a black eye (so to speak). Bullying behavior is not a way to win. Which may be just as well for those who would like to see a candidate like Edwards enter Congress representing Maryland’s 4th District.

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