Maybe you, non-Black person, are really wondering — “Gosh, what do Black people think about this whole George Allen macaca business?” There seems to be a lot of discussion and investigation into what he really meant and did he really apologize? Should he apologize? Was he sincere? Was it enough and does it even matter? But Black people don’t seem to be very vocal about this. Why you may ask?

Black people are pretty much done discussing the whole Affaire Allen. Why? Because to us, it’s obvious that he is racist. He is a racist man. He was racist before and he is racist now. He clearly signaled his feelings about Black people before by wearing Confederate flags and nooses on ficus trees, etc.

And now to keep up with modern times, he’s moved on to the “new niggers” which would be anyone who looks like they might be one of them A-rab terrorists. Which for some apparently is anyone brown who might possibly have South Asian or Middle Eastern ancestry though Latinos and Blacks with the right features might get swept up in the confusion/hysteria.

Welcome to America indeed. Enjoy the racial profiling. It’s free!

The bottom line, folks? Black people (and probably a lot of other shades too) have stopped talking about it and have started to decide to vote for someone other than Allen.

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