I wanted to write some posts about How and Why Barack Obama won this nomination.

When people say that the past leads to the present, that is truly what it means.

There would be no Barack Obama without Jesse Jackson’s run for the Presidency.
Barack Obama wound up getting over 90 Percent of the Black vote. Without it, he would not have won the nomination, and without Jesse Jackson’s work previously, those Black votes would not have helped Obama- delegate wise.

The cornerstone of the Obama campaign is that they understood that DELEGATES would win this nomination. Those were the rules, and he set out to win the pledged delegate race, understanding the ins and outs of the Democratic Party rules. In doing so, Obama expanded upon Howard Dean’s 50 State Strategy and used it to perfection.

There have been other candidates with the ‘appeal’ of a Barack Obama. What I mean by that – appealing, as Chris Matthews says, to the ‘ ideals’ of the Democratic Party. There have been repeated ‘ insurgent’ candidates, usually appealing to the more activist, idealist, progressive, more well-educated part of the Democratic Party. And, they were, without exception, save for McGovern, always defeated by the ‘Establishment’ candidate ultimately.

What made the difference for Obama?

His addition of the Black vote – the most loyal base of the Democratic Party – to the usual ‘insurgent candidate’ constituency.

The WAY delegates are apportioned in the Democratic Party – not only in a proportional system, rather than the winner-take-all of the Republican Party, but also rewarding districts that have voted LOYALLY for the Democratic Party IN PREVIOUS ELECTIONS with MORE DELEGATES, is the cornerstone of HOW Barack Obama has been able to win, and weather the storm.

There has been no group more loyal to the Democratic Party than Black voters. Erego, when Obama won those Black districts by such large percentages, not only did he beat Hillpatine, but he won more delegates. Hillary could go into a state like Texas, with far more Latino voters than Black voters, but because Black voter participation in PREVIOUS elections was so much higher than the Latino vote, in 2008, winning predominantly Black districts brought more delegates to Obama than Hillary’s wins in Latino districts.

I don’t believe most Black folk understand that this is how Jesse helped Barack out. Because, it was Jesse Jackson and his think tank, that got this system of distribution put in place as far as delegate allocation; set up that part of the Democratic System. Rewarding PREVIOUS loyalty.

Post North Carolina, Andrew Sullivan wrote the following:

Black Voters Did It

Here’s what now seems obvious: African-American voters killed the Clinton candidacy. It is a fitting end to the Clintons’ campaign and an almost Shakespearean coda to their career. The Clintons were exposed in their long-running exploitation and reliance on minority votes. No group was more loyal to them than African-Americans; and in the end, like everyone else, African-Americans realized that the Clintons are frauds, disloyal to the core, cynical to their finger-tips, and finally, finally, returned the favor.

After what the Clintons did in this campaign, and what they’ve revealed about themselves, and their alliance with Fox News and Bill Kristol and Pat Buchanan, this couldn’t be more appropriate.

This will be history’s verdict: in the end, the Clintons were defeated not by Republicans, but by African-American Democrats. How wonderful. How poignant. In the end, the karma gets you. Maybe it had to be this way. But this final coup de grace against these awful, hollow, cynical people is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Sullivan.

I know, at times, that I have seemed very strident on the issue of Hillpatine. But, that’s because I felt, in my gut, what the long-term ramifications of her success would be:

The blueprint by which any Black candidate with aspirations higher than a gerrymandered Congressional Seat would be TAKEN OUT.

I didn’t see it any other way.

Barack Obama’s defeat wouldn’t have been the exception; it would have been THE RULE.

And that, was unacceptable.


When the racebaiting began, it wasn’t even about Obama anymore. It was beyond him. It was about whether or not we were going to be shoved to the ‘Back of the Bus’, politically, to dwell in perpetual serfdom.


As a community, I believe we have learned a great deal along the way, and we need not be afraid of it.

Embrace democracy. Be not afraid of it, and if some of the HHH gots-to-go, then they’ve ‘ GOT TO GO’.

Black people didn’t get their citizenship legally recognized in full until 1965. It’s time to grab ahold of this moment, and push forward, recognizing all the work of those who have come before and sacrificed.


UPDATE: Got this history lesson from a JJP reader

That proportional system was negotiated by Jesse himself:

Superdelegates Should Not Decide the Nominee

In 1988, Dukkakis led in pledged delegates and Rev. Jesse Jackson had accumulated roughly one thousand delegates from the primaries. Prior to ceding the nomination, he brokered a deal called Rule 13B that allowed delegates to be proportionately awarded whenever a candidate obtained at least 15% of the vote, going forward.

Without rule 13B, Hillary wins.

From DailyKos:

As Obama moves to unify the Democratic Party, he is sending his strategist Paul Tewes to join the DNC. But Howard Dean will remain. Obama campaign spokesperson Bill Burton:

“Senator Obama appreciates the hard work that Chairman Dean has done to grow our party at the grassroots level and looks forward to working with him as the chairman of the Democratic Party as we go forward.”

I know we’ve had our testy moments with Dean, but I’m a fan of the 50 State Strategy, and I see no reason to remove Dean right now.

Shoutout to Angela for sending this in.

Rep. James Clyburn is the highest ranking African-American Member of Congress as House Majority Whip. So naturally we’re interested here at JJP in what he’s up to. He came out publicly and endorsed Obama on June 3rd though Clyburn has been quietly supportive in the press of Obama prior to giving his official superdelegate vote. It seems that some Clinton supporters didn’t take too kindly to that. Ugh. If you are a Clinton supporter and reading this post? Seriously, get it together and get over it. I’m posting the full article below which is notable for appearing on FoxNews’ website. They LOVE this stuff. Really, this bitter, angry attitude only helps the Republicans. Yes, the pro-life, pro-Iraq War, pro-torture, anti-health care for indigent children, anti-environment party. Please — keep up the hatred if you want to elect their guy, John “Hand Me My Cane” McCain. It’s time for generosity, pride in both his and her historic achievement and party unity.

An angry and upset Rep. James Clyburn said Wednesday that his office has been deluged with nasty phone calls with racial overtones since his endorsement of Barack Obama a day earlier.

Clyburn told FOX News Radio’s “Brian and the Judge” that the callers identified themselves as Hillary Clinton supporters. Clyburn, an African-American and the third ranking House Democrat, said a white intern in his office was so upset by the calls that she had to be consoled by other workers and left the office early.

“We got more vitriolic, nasty phone calls, really racially tinged phone calls in my congressional office, so much so, until one of the interns, a young lady who is not a stranger to politics … and she is not a black person, she left the office, had to be consoled because of the kinds of phone calls from people who identified themselves as Hillary Clinton supporters,” he said.

Clyburn said some of the callers used “names that I would not repeat on this show today.”

“I was absolutely shocked, could not believe that this happened. I could understand people saying, ‘Why are you doing this or why would you not support Hillary Clinton?’ but to call me the kinds of names I have not heard since the ’40s and ’50s,” he said.

Clyburn said some of the callers threatened to “sabotage this election.” He added that he does not think Clinton understands her role in unifying the party.

“I’ve got a call in to Bob Johnson, a good buddy of mine, he’s a big supporter of Hillary Clinton, he’s now pushing for her to be on the ticket as VP. And I’m gonna tell him today they’d better really raise their voices because this kind of stuff is lethal,” Clyburn said.

The House majority whip later told FOX News that the nomination of a black man as a major party presidential candidate demonstrates the distance the United States has come in a short term.

“I think historically it means in the 60th year since Strom Thurmond walked out of the party on the issue of race, our party has decided that it’s time to turn the page on that issue in society,” he said referring to the late Dixiecrat turned Republican senator who was later discovered to have fathered a child with a black woman who worked as the family maid.

But Clyburn tempered his enthusiasm for Obama’s nomination, saying that there “are always pockets in this country of people who cannot find it in themselves to grow up. And to the extent which people fail to mature, we’ll still have some work to do.”

I got an email from Julian Bond today. Well, not really from him but from NAACP HQ presumably — I’m on their list. So I can keep a sharp eye on ‘em. It was a confusing email meant, I think, to take advantage of Barack Obama’s ascendancy. Between this CNN story talking about the long history of black presidents in Hollywood and the NAACP’s email, I was reminded of “Rufus Jones for President” starring a 9 year old Sammy Davis Jr and Ethel Waters. “2 Pork Chops Every Time You Vote” was lil Rufus’ get-out-the-vote strategy. I’ve excerpted the NAACP’s email below with some special emphasis.

An Historic Day

Senator Obama has accomplished an incredible first for the
African-American community, and for the United States. Barack Obama
is the first African American to be nominated for President on a major
party ticket.

This historic event shows just how far this country has come to
healing the racial divides that have plagued our history as a nation.
But along the way the campaign provided some painful reminders of just how much further we have to go to achieve true equality for all

This is a day that should make us all proud, and then it should make
us redouble our efforts to protect those rights that many have given
their lives to secure. And for 100 years, that’s exactly what the
NAACP has done.

As a bipartisan, 501 C3 organization we don’t get involved directly
with candidates. What we do, I think better than any other
organization, is organize the voting efforts of the African American
community. This year the NAACP is focused on four things: voter
registration, voter education, election protection and getting out the
vote. We’ve been hard at work already, and over the summer you’ll be
hearing more from us as we roll out new phases of our program. But
here are just a few updates.

NAACP and its coalition partners have already registered hundreds of
thousands of new voters, and we’re expanding our efforts so that we
can reach even more young people through technology and field efforts
on college campuses. Our goal is to register many thousands more new voters between now and November with an eye to increasing African-American voter turnout by 5%.

Five (5) whole percentage points. Wow — that’s, um, setting the bar pretty low. You’d think that having an African-American as the nominee would provide incredible, unprecedented opportunity for grassroots get-out-the-vote. Particularly in the African-American community. What better opportunity to get families involved or the sorors and frat brothers. Students and grandmothers. And the NAACP sees this and says let’s get 5% more turnout?! Where’s the vision, inspiration and lofty goals to match the power of Obama’s Hope? And exactly where was the NAACP during all the blatant race-baiting to which they allude at the top of the email anyway?

I really hope the NAACP’s young new president Benjamin Jealous can bring stronger and more focused leadership to the NAACP both for their sake and for ours. And also thank goodness that new orgs like Color of Change have emerged that put action ahead of words.

CPL and I will be in Minneapolis at the National Conference for Media Reform.

I’m on a panel Saturday at 11:30

Speakers: Baratunde Thurston, Cenk Uygur, Duncan Black, Gina Cooper, Robin Marty

Date: Saturday, June 7th
Time: 11:30am to 1:00pm
Room: Auditorium 2
Track: Journalism and Independent Media
Session Type: panel

The rapidly growing progressive political blogosphere — a.k.a. “the Netroots” — is transforming politics and challenging the traditional media. The Netroots impact on the national political conversation is undeniable. But now that they’ve “crashed the gates,” what comes next? How are the Netroots connecting with the grassroots and organizing for lasting change? How is the landscape changing as new voices emerge, blogs go local, and corporate media tries to capitalize on what’s happening online?

I’ll also be co-hosting the Saturday night keynote with Lizz Winstead (creator of the Daily Show).

Speakers: Arianna Huffington, Baratunde Thurston, Byron Dorgan, D.J. Nikoles, Dan Rather, Grace Lee Boggs, Lizz Winstead, Maria Isa, Michael Copps, Naomi Klein, Romal J. Tune, Shá Cage, Silvia Rivera, Tim Wu

Date: Saturday, June 7th
Time: 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Room: Auditorium
Track: Keynotes and Plenaries
Session Type: plenary

A fast-paced, multimedia night of inspiring speeches and music, dance and spoken-word performances. Emcees Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show, and Baratunde Thurston of Laughing Liberally will crack us up, and the DJ will keep us moving. Plus we’ll hear from conference-goers and unveil the 2008 inductees into the “Big Media Hall of Shame.”

Drop us an email or comment so we can try to meet up with more of the JJP fam. I’ll be posting updates to my twitter account if you want to catch snippets there.

Hat tip: DailyKos

From Politico.com:

Obama aims to make openness an issue
By MIKE ALLEN | 6/5/08 9:21 AM EST

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is moving on two fronts to make transparency a linchpin of his campaign, opening his fundraisers to reporters and clamping down on the Democratic National Committee’s fundraising from Washington insiders.

The moves, announced on his second full day as the party’s de facto presidential nominee, are designed to drive a campaign message of change versus more of the same, aides said.

His likely opponent, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), closes his fundraisers to the press. Beginning last night, Obama will open all of his fundraisers to at least a pool reporter, who will share the information with the rest of the press corps.

Beginning Thursday, the DNC will no longer accept checks from federal lobbyists or political action committees, mirroring the strict standard Obama adopted for his presidential campaign.

“This is an important step that shows Sen. Obama is willing to take tough steps to change the way Washington works,” said Dan Pfeiffer, the campaign’s deputy communications director.

The policy, which will not hurt fundraising appreciably, is not retroactive.


I’m sort of surprised by this. Pleasantly so, but still surprised.

A reader suggested that we have a place where we could remember our favorite moments of the primary season.

I believe that’s a good idea, because we can read one another’s thoughts, and get energized, and just savor, if only in this post, what has happened up until this moment.

For me, I have a few moments of joy and nervousness.

1. January 3, 2008 – Pretty much all-White Iowa…the Obama FAMILY up on that stage, cheered on. The commentators were stunned. I was happy as a clam. It was beautiful.

2. The Michigan Fake Primary – The results from Detroit, where ‘Uncommitted’ received 70% of the vote. Remember, this was at the beginning of the Dogwhistle being blown, and that result from Detroit said that Black folk had heard that whistle being blown – loud and clear.

3. South Carolina – I exhaled in South Carolina, because you all know, we had those discussions here. We were worried for our Brothers and Sisters in South Carolina. We didn’t know if they had heard the calls of the Dogwhistle. When those results rolled in that Saturday night, and they said that 200,000 more Black folks voted in 2008 than 2004, I was so proud.

4. The Ted Kennedy/Caroline Kennedy Endorsement -I really don’t think that it can be said enough about what that endorsement meant. The MSM deliberately, I believe, completely overlooked what that endorsement did for Obama. I remember clearly, the glee, of them talking about Obama losing Massachusetts, thus the Kennedy Endorsement must not mean that much. That endorsement wasn’t about winning Massachusetts. That endorsement was about stopping Camp Hillpatine’s attempt to marginalize Obama into being the ‘ Black Candidate’. It was to stop that narrative, long enough for Obama to win those All-White States that he won on February 5th.

5. The string of Eleven in a Row – it was downright hilarious watching election returns on those nights. It was the first time it ACTUALLY dawned on the MSM…


6. Indiana/North Carolina….The stomping in North Carolina was wonderful….but, it was the perfect orchestration of the night…..Obama winning HUGE in North Carolina…and Indiana being too close to call. It was the last gasp of the MSM..and they knew they had to stop being pimps to the Clinton fraud that they had been perpetrating since Wisconsin, cause Chucky T told us the night of the Wisconsin Primary that she was DONE – delegate wise.

These are my moments, what are yours?

Let’s reflect on what’s happened up to this point.


On his first day as the official Democratic Nominee for President, no less.

Well someone had to do it. I’m just glad it was the Democratic Nominee for POTUS who took on the job.

Ever since Joe Lieberman went on Fake Noise and called out Senator Obama for his statements of being willing to enter into discussions with our enemies before having the military break open cans of Whip-Arse on them; not to mention Lieberman’s actively campaigning for McCain (Zell Miller-redux), one wonders why Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has failed to pull the trigger on Lieberman, or at least, strip him of his Chairmanships and committee positions.

Anyhoo, according to Daily Kos and C-SPAN, Mr. Obama got fed up and after a meeting on the Senate floor, he was seen pulling Lieberman offside to get in that ass, metamorphically speaking, that is. Witnesses say the body language of Obama spoke volumes of “South Side Chicago” – as far as the man could go and still retain class and decorum inside the Senate chambers.

Harry Reid could take lessons from Obama on how to nip your enemies in the bud early before they can do more damage.

The only thing that Joe Lieberman should be worrying about is whether or not Obama had Jim Webb of Virginia backing him up.

Hey, Webb almost threw a punch at Bush for putting his son in harm’s way, and Bush trying to mack on him about it. It could happen…

Not bad for his first day as the Democratic Nominee. And the comments at Kos were running in agreement of Obama laying down the law and telling Lieberman to blow it out of his horses’ ass. While I may be skeptical of Obama’s platform, I do respect the way the man handles his enemies.

Either his own inaction on Hurricane Katrina has deeply disturbed him in hindsight, or he just thinks he’s vulnerable on the issue, but McCain really just flat out lied to a reporter yesterday in describing his record on Katrina.

Eric Kleefield adds:

McCain voted against establishing a commission to investigate the levee failures, in a September 2005 party-line vote in which all Republicans voted against the Democratic proposal. He then repeated that party-line GOP vote against a similar Dem proposal in February 2006.

They also have the McCain campaign’s response:

“It doesn’t bode well for Senator Obama’s pledges to run a campaign of hope and change when on the first day of the general election he’s launching the same tired negative attacks that the American people are so sick and tired of. As Sen. McCain said, he wasn’t familiar with the specific votes the questioner was asking about. Instead he was speaking to his strong support for the Homeland Security Committee’s comprehensive, bipartisan investigation of Hurricane Katrina, which was already fully underway when these other proposals were suggested.”

Really? The guy who argued a terrorist organization supports his opponent is hyperventilating about “negative attacks” because the DNC gave a possibly limited but factual account of his record?

Isn’t that a just a little precious? If you can’t stand the heat, get out from in front of the greenscreen…

Good morning.

Another day, another chance for good debate and discussion.

So, drop those links, share that knowledge, begin those debates. Where’s the trivia?

Share…share….share with your fellow JJP readers.

And always, have a peaceful day.

We’re doing News & Notes again!

They’ve set up five topics, though we rarely get past two. Here they are

  1. Post primaries — what now, especially for Clinton?
  2. Bo Diddley and Black Rockers – follow up to interview with Rob Fields
  3. Confederate Flag Could Fly Near Tampa
  4. Violent Brawls between Student and Teacher in Atlanta and North Carolina Caught on Video
  5. Cheney Makes Incest Joke About West Virginians

Update: I’ll post the audio when it’s up later tonight. Sorry I forgot to put in a link to the show. Been running around like crazy.
Obviously, I only want to talk about #1. I’ve completely missed what’s up with Bo Diddley, so if you have thoughts on the middle three topics, holla and i’ll try to represent.

Update 2: You can listen to the audio here. We dealt with the primaries, Bo Diddley and the Confederate Flag. The other guests were Desmond Burton of Afronerd (with me in the NYC studio) and Carmen Dixon of All About Race.

Naw, I’m not talking ’bout the Clintons, though they could surely fit in this category of corrupt political families.

I’m talking about “Dollar, Dollar” Bill Jefferson, y’all. I’m sorry I left him off the list of CBC members that could use a good primary challenger, but he did manage to win re-election to his seat, while facing Federal indictment for taking bribes and hiding them in his freezer.

Well, for taking bribes, anyway. He might as well have been indicted for hiding the money in his freezer where the FBI could find it, as opposed to an offshore bank account in the Caymans.

But, it appears that the corruption didn’t end with Dollar Bill. The rest of his family are riding on his coattails:

U.S. Attorney Jim Letten said the family members used several nonprofit and for-profit companies to obtain grants designed to help pregnant teens, at-risk youths and others in need of assistance. They allegedly deposited some of the grant money into personal checking accounts and used it for personal expenses.

Didn’t they learn anything from their baby brother?

Honestly, we do have to clean up our own house of corrupt Congressional Black Caucus members, cause they’re stinking up the joint, and can’t get anything worth while done.

As I recall, Jefferson did get a primary challenger back in 2006. Her name was Karen Carter, and while Jefferson’s representation for the flood-ravaged New Orleans included his commandeering a tank earmarked to rescue trapped Katrina victims, and sending that tank to his house to retrive his shyt; not to mention voting the DLC ticket which virtually ensured the poor in New Orleans would stay that way – he managed to get re-elected.

Personally, I thought he wouldn’t have a district anymore because Katrina washed it out to the Gulf of Mexico, but, hey, most of his district were now forced to call Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Birmingham, Charleston, DC and other areas, Home, and that has to be what saved him. I thought for sure the indictment would have had him gone.

Yet, when Nancy Pelosi attempted to remove him from leadership positions until he got the indictment stuff resolved, Mel Watt and the rest of that sorry gang, cried foul and played the race card.

But someone should ask them why they were so quick to sling Cynthia McKinney under the bus for protesting being harassed by the Capitol Hill police, also at Nancy Pelosi’s direction?

Not to mention most of these Hanky Heads are now begging the Borg Queen to protect them from President-elect Obama, and get him to help them out by protecting them from primary challengers of their own. After the way the entire CBC has virtually dissed the man, now they want his coattails to ride on. I will say, in being gracious, Senator Obama should extract everything from them, including their mortgages and their firstborns and grandchildren, too. Not because they supported the Borg Queen.

But because they disrespected the brotha from the day he set foot on the Hill back in 2004. Don’t get me started…

Back to Dollar Bill, y’all. The whole family is corrupt, but in the cases of corrupt Black political families, I don’t think the Ford Crime Family has anything to worry about yet.

So finally, Mrs. Clinton has decided to admit publicly on Friday what many of us realized some months ago, according to the Caucus blog. That she ain’t gonna be president at least in this go-round and she needs to throw her support behind the nominee, Barack Obama. It’s over.

Part of me is still in a state of deep disappointment over her campaign’s desperate race-baiting “kitchen sink” strategy. JJPers assembled over 50 examples of Clinton attacking Obama below the belt on our wiki. Go ‘head y’all.

Another part of me is stunned almost to disbelief that Barack Obama is actually going on to the general election. I’m not old but still, I’m not sure that I really thought that I’d live to see a man of African descent have a real and good shot at leading our nation. Wow. I feel like I can finally exhale and prepare to go full bore to win the White House. Barack Obama has knocked me off my feet with his gracious acceptance of victory in the primaries. The audacity of hope, indeed. How ’bout y’all?

A few observations:

1) there’s been a lot of talk about Obama’s successful delegate strategy. There’s been little talk at all of the influence of the internet and social media on this primary. Without small donors, many of them from the internet, Obama would have no chance to beat the Clinton campaign given her sizable war chest coming out of the gate. Without the internet, Obama would have been sorely pressed to raise rapid and huge amounts of money to equal the name recognition of Hillary Clinton. Chris Bowers at OpenLeft has the numbers.

Money: Obama’s entire monetary advantage over Hillary Clinton came from small donors who gave $200 or less to his campaign. His $57M+ advantage over Clinton in this area of fundraising accounts for all of Obama’s financial advantage during the nomination campaign. Outside of the $200 or smaller donors, Clinton’s $10M transfer from her Senate campaign and $11.4M loan from personal funds draw her even with Obama in overall fundraising. As such, the extra money Obama had for paid media and staff came entirely from his small donor corps.

2) As Eric Copage writes over at HuffPo in his piece “Is Black America Strong Enough for an Obama Presidency?” — the “one-drop rule” of America remains in effect. Obama – half-white – is still described as a black candidate. Eric also wonders if there will be a backlash against African-Americans from some whites who feel we’ve already gotten too many breaks and believes this may impede forceful effort from Obama to address issues important to African-Americans.

If Sen. Obama is elected president, mainstream America will likely say, “You black people have your Miss Americas. You have your black Super Bowl coach. You even have your Academy Award winners. And now, finally, you have your black president. What more do you want!?”

I hope not, but we’ll see. And we’ll be watching.

3) Don’t you EVER underestimate the mighty, magical, mysterious power of Oprah. Not ever. She’s willing now to invest a bit of her social capital to promote her own interests for what she believes to be social good. Part of me always blamed her a little for allowing George Bush to kiss her during the 2000 election season and saying nothing while he duped America into an unnecessary, deadly and costly war. She’s redeemed herself and I’m proud of her.

Very Good News, IMO, From The Field:

The First Brilliant Move in the Vice Presidential Search
By Al Giordano

Associated Press has a cryptic one-sentence report out:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Obama taps three people to lead veep search, including Caroline Kennedy.

Now, if only she’d pull a Cheney (the head of Bush’s VP search efforts who picked himself).

The signals sent with this move are multiple. They suggest a search for a running mate that is ideologically compatible, acceptable to the Kennedy wing of the party, that acknowledges the generational aspect of the change at hand, and, importantly, it brackets the disqualifying words uttered by one Veep aspirant late last month and looms as an ever-present reminder of vigilance regarding such unspeakable acts. Obama has picked someone in Caroline Kennedy who nobody is going to be able to push around. Nice.

Update: The other two members of the search committee are party insider Jim Johnson (who handled the veep search for Kerry ‘04 and, ouch, Mondale ‘84) and civil libertarian attorney Eric Holder, who is considered a leading candidate for Attorney General and/or Supreme Court Justice in an Obama administration.


Well, you know the basic feelings around here at JJP.


That display of ‘ deranged narcissism’ (thank you, Jeffery Toobin) last night topped it all. The pimping of this nightmare by every surrogate you could name, including Sambo Billionaire Bob Johnson just adds to the chorus of


to this nightmare.

Rice On Obama

4 Jun 2008

Secretary Rice comments on Obama’s win:

“It’s a country that has overcome many, many, now years, decades of, actually a couple of centuries, of trying to make good on its principles,” Rice said.

And I think that what we’re seeing is, an extraordinary expression of the fact that ‘we the people,’ is beginning to mean all of us,” she added, referring to the opening line of the U.S. Constitution.

Rice had a big role in authorizing torture and in the Iraq war. But what’s really disappointing is a statement like this reveals that she knows better. I’m glad she can recognize that America hasn’t always delivered on what it’s promised, but I’m also angry that she probably doesn’t recognize the damage she did to those very principles with her work for the Bush Administration.

I also knew that she was never really gunning for the Veep slot, because as wrong as she is, from the beginning she seemed genuinely moved by what Obama was trying to do.

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