Barack Obama is on the Cover of Rolling Stone

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Ben Smith of writes the following blurb about this:

Reading excerpts from the interview with Obama in Rolling Stone, it occurs to me that Jann Wenner, who runs the magazine and conducted the interview, and supports Obama, is conducting quite a campaign on the candidate’s behalf: He’ s also the publisher of Us Weekly.

Next up: The cover of Wenner-owned Men’s Journal.

I like this cover better than his previous Rolling Stone cover. It’s the smile.

I was fortunate enough to have a beloved aunt who passed away a couple of years ago in her eighties. When I tried to explain what I did for a living to her at a family reunion and mentioned the internet, she said, “Oh yes, I’ve heard tell of that internet. Well that’s good baby. You keep on with that. Might amount to something someday. I hear you can make some good money workin’ on them computers.” Aunt Myrtle didn’t have much experience with either computers or the internet. But in her rural North Carolina town, she was “aware” of them.

I was at the Personal Democracy Forum this week where Mark Soohoo, internet director for the John McCain campaign said in defense of his boss’ recent admission that he doesn’t use a computer:

“You don’t necessarily have to use a computer to understand how it shapes the country” and
“John McCain is aware of the internet”

Yeah, you can hear the laughter, hoots and catcalls from the audience yourself in response. It’s pretty hilarious.

The bottom line is that if a candidate for president today can say that he or she doesn’t use the internet, then she or he is out of step with the majority of Americans. According to the State of the News Media 2008 report, 3/4ths of Americans are online today. Even when you factor in McCain’s senior status/advanced age, about 1/3rd of older Americans had ventured online as of 2005 if you believe the Kaiser Family Foundation, distancing McCain from a large (and growing) segment of his peers.

My aunt wasn’t wealthy and wasn’t well-educated. Thus she fit the profile of the new digital divide which not cuts less across racial nor ethnic lines these days but those of education and income. John McCain is on the opposite end of the spectrum from Aunt Myrtle — unlike most Americans, he lives in a privileged bubble where he doesn’t have to get online to do his job, connect with colleagues, book airline tickets or share photos with friends and family. He has a staff, servants and apparently his wife Cindy to do it all for him. The multi-millionaire’s life of luxury and complete oblivion must be nice. Do we really want a man so far out of touch from the lives of ordinary Americans to lead us as President? I mean, if it scares you to think of my dear sweet Aunt Myrtle planning innovative strategies employing new technology for energy independence, national security and defense, climate change, healthcare, net neutrality, etc, then McCain should probably kinda scare you too.

Kudos to Tracy Russo, formerly of John Edwards’ team, for taking McCain to task.

Found this one from Michelle Obama Watch:


Obama: Guilty By Association
By Burt Prelutsky
Monday, June 23, 2008

I mean, it’s always nice to be reminded that America is the place where anyone is free to achieve his dreams, although perhaps not quite yet her dreams. But when it comes to being president of the United States, the commander-in-chief of the best and the most powerful nation on earth, I don’t think we should be getting quite this excited. To me, Barack Obama seems like nothing more than the end result of affirmative action run amok. ………………………………………..

Ok…..a man who was President of the Harvard Law Review…Graduated Magna Cum Laude…


Uh huh.

Has any other Harvard Law Review President been labeled ‘ Affirmative Action Run Amok’?

Has any other United States Senator been labeled ‘ Affirmative Action Run Amok’?

Has any other Presidential Nominee been labeled ‘Affirmative Action Run Amok’?

But, the BLACK MAN…

With TWO Ivy League Degrees…

Who began from NOTHING and won his Senate seat in a crowded field….

Then began from NOTHING, and built a political machine that toppled THE Democratic Party Dynasty of the past 20 years…..



Oh, but it gets better:

……..The first screwball we found out about was Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the gutter mouth whose swinish sermons Obama lapped up for a thousand Sundays. Then there was Bill Ayers, the mad bomber who should have wound up sharing a cell with Ted Kaczynski, but instead was apparently offered the option of becoming a professor. And let us not forget Tony Rezko, who was recently found guilty by a Chicago jury of just about everything except kidnapping the Lindbergh baby. It’s still up in the air whether he’ll be offered the same deal as Bill Ayers, but there’s no getting around the fact that “Professor Rezko” has a nice ring to it.

It probably isn’t cricket to include Michelle Obama in this dirty laundry list of Barack’s associates, and yet it’s hard to simply overlook the fact that he chose to marry this nasty, bitter, openly racist ingrate………………

Let’s dispense with some facts.
Jeremiah Wright is Jeremiah Wright. IF he had been preaching ‘ God Damn America’ all the time, there would have been more of it on Youtube. That these clowns are still playing the same ones, over and over proves that he didn’t. And, even if he had said it every Sunday that Obama was there, he had the right to do it as a preacher, and nothing he said was factually wrong.

Ayers. Ayers is a respected member of the Chicago community. He knows everyone, including DA MAYOR, who stuck up for him. We all know that if his name was LeRoy and had done what Ayers did, he’d STILL be in jail, but it’s not, and he’s not, and he was allowed to ‘ rehabilitate’ himself. Obama was in grammar school when Ayers committed his crimes, and if the rest of the muckety muck of Chicago are willing to appoint him to Boards, then who cares?

Rezko..Rezko..Rezko…the Right keeps on dreaming. They had the trial. There is NO smoking gun between Rezko and Obama. WHY? Because Obama wasn’t important enough in Illinois Politics for Rezko to become deeply involved with him. Our current Governor? Yes. Rezko’s sending him to jail. People in the House and Senate LEADERSHIP – in BOTH parties? Yes…they shouldn’t be sleeping well at night. Obama was down on the totem pole, and the Right is blowing smoke up their asses dreaming that Rezko holds some smoking gun for them. Not happening people.

Barack Obama might not be the Magic Negro, but he’s a Smart Negro. Smart enough to know what he had to do in order to get this far. Got hints for you on the Right: read David Brooks and Andrew Sullivan from last week. I don’t agree with everything they said about Obama, but they’re smart enough to respect his skills.

And, let me just tell you this bluntly:

For a BLACK MAN to have gotten THIS far in the process, IN AMERICA?


He’s smarter than YOU. Everyone you know. And your Mama.

But then, I think you know that. And, it pisses you off.

So, now, we get to Michelle.

Well, they finally came out and said it.


Well, good.

They finally said it.

They’ve been beating around the bush with it for awhile now.

They’re mad because she isn’t a ‘GRATEFUL DARKIE’.

Come on, now.

You know that’s what they call her. That’s what they all ‘Us’.

You know ‘ Us’.

Us ‘Uppity’ ones.

They don’t understand.

After all, she was GIVEN her education.

She was GIVEN her career.

She couldn’t POSSIBLY have EARNED it.

And, after all White folks have done for her – giving her the chance to get into hock up to her eyeballs to go to at least ONE hostile educational institution…


How DARE she actually think for herself.

HOW dare she not buckdance for them like their own little ‘ Grateful Darkies’ like Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas.


I was asked elsewhere WHY I didn’t give the author the benefit of the doubt, as to the interpretation of the remarks. You know, MAYBE, if I hadn’t of read too many stories like this about Michelle Obama, he’d get the benefit of the doubt. But, it’s always there – that subtext…

Who do these ungrateful Negroes think they are?

I know it, because I’ve lived it.

AS IF because of my education and other opportunities that I’ve had in life (due to the parents who took hell and SACRIFICED ), I’m supposed to be a ‘ Grateful Darkie’.

I mean, you live where you do, you went to school where you did, ‘ what could you possibly be ANGRY about rikyrah?’

Um, maybe because I can read above an 8th grade level and understand the White Supremacist Underpinnings of this country. And how my ancestors literally BUILT America with FREE LABOR, and not only is it not acknowledged, but lied about.

Maybe it’s THAT.

Maybe it’s because I had the opportunities that I’ve had and know others, who, if only THEY HAD THE CHANCE, would have done as well as me.

Been there, done that………. heard it most of my life.

So, for all of us ‘ Ungrateful Darkies’ out here…

Go crawl back under your racist, bottomfeeding rock.

Limbaugh’s Phobia

25 Jun 2008

Rush Limbaugh thinks that the Democrats are “bending over and grabbing their ankles” for “the blacks” and “the gays.”

CALLER: Hello. I want to know how the Republicans don’t need Christians and conservatives, and they think we’re 30 percent. Twelve percent black people in the population. Ten percent — they claim — homosexuals in the population. Rush, honey, when did 30 percent get to be a small number?

LIMBAUGH: I don’t — I think it’s actually larger than 30 percent. But let me see if I can get your question right. You want to know why the Republicans are willing to say, “Screw you,” to 30 percent or more of their voters and yet Democrats will bend over, grab the ankles, and say, “Have your way with me,” for 10 percent and 2 percent of the population?

So aside from the idea that it’s wrong for a political party to represent the interests of its constituents–that is if those constituents are gay or black, rather than Christian and conservative, (and since there are certainly both conservative gays and conservative black folks, why all the hate?) what is up with Rush and this whole “bend over and grab the ankles” thing? He seems to have a fascination with the image.

The federal judiciary is going to do everything it can to stop spermatozoa and mollusks from coming in, but other invasive species? We’re supposed to bend over and grab the ankles and say, “Deal with it.

Know what he’s going to do? He’s going to go down there and basically apologize for what has come to be known as the Southern Strategy, popularized in the Nixon administration. He’s going to go down there and apologize for it. In the midst of all of this, in the midst of all that’s going on, once again, Republicans are going to go bend over and grab the ankles.

“A study published yesterday suggests that a daily pint of beer or large glass of wine increases the risk of bowel cancer by 10%. Two pints or two large glasses of wine increases the risk by 25%.” You don’t have to grab your ankles anymore, folks. Just drink the red wine or beer or whatever, and while you think you’re saving your heart and lowering your cholesterol, you’re getting bowel cancer out there.

April, 2008, on Barack Obama.

The people on the left, the Obama supporters want to be smoked. They bent over forward and grabbed the ankles and say “have at me” and do whatever it takes. The story is out today that the congressional superdelegates, “It’s over.” They have chosen Obama, not officially but somebody has done a head count. The congressional superdelegates have chosen Obama.

I can’t stand being around fatalists. I can’t stand being around defeatists. I understand it, but at some point I lose my ability to respond to them. How many times can you say, “I’m sorry you feel that way,” and what does that accomplish? I don’t want to sit here, “Yeah, we’re screwed. Damn it, we’re really screwed! Yeah, you’re right. We are so screwed. Bend over forward, backgrounds, grab the ankles. We’re screwed,” and then what do you do? I’ll never forget Ronald Reagan.
This is truly profound. Because you got the Drive-By Media just up in arms that this is happening in the first place, because they think it’s “un-American,” and it’s a violation of the law, and it’s “tampering with the sacred, time-honored vote,” blah, blah, blah. Of course, to them, what we’re supposed to do as Republicans, is we’re just supposed to bend over forward, grab the ankles, and lose.
There are…a lot more. If I didn’t know better, I might think Limbaugh was somewhat preoccupied with the concept. 

But continuing on to the original point, what other historically marginalized groups does Limbaugh think are too impure to have their interests represented by a political party in this country? You can just hear him choking back “the Jews”.

Oh wait.

LIMBAUGH: The — there’s a complicated answer to this and I’m going to have answer some of it in the monologue in the next hour, but one of the simple answers that will require some elaboration is that a lot of money is coming from these kooks — and I’m not talking about just the blacks — I’m talking about a whole kook-fringe base because George Soros is running it –

Now I ain’t know that black folks had gotten to the point where we were part of a global financial conspiracy, and just last year Limbaugh was arguing that we were all sitting around waiting for welfare. Which is it Rush?

We knew Obama would make some folks get their white sheets out, but damn Rush, it’s only June. By November he’s going to be calling for “strict constructionist” judges to bring back Dred Scott.  And if McCain won’t do it, why then, he’s just bend–ahem. Well, you know. 

Pat Buchanan Award

25 Jun 2008

“There’s only one thing different about Barack Obama when it comes to being a Democratic presidential candidate. He’s half African-American. Whether that will make any difference, I don’t know. I haven’t heard him have a strong crackdown on economic exploitation in the ghettos. Payday loans, predatory lending, asbestos, lead. What’s keeping him from doing that? Is it because he wants to talk white? He doesn’t want to appear like Jesse Jackson? We’ll see all that play out in the next few months and if he gets elected afterwards.

                 –Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader, who isn’t really Arab because he doesn’t hold press conferences in Arabic. What exactly are you trying to hide Ralph?

For those of you who are interested in Barack Obama’s experience/policy proposals for dealing with just the issues in question, Matthew Yglesias has a bunch of links.

Found this at Marc Ambinder:

Why Bill Clinton’s Miffed At Obama
24 Jun 2008 03:53 pm

In politics, Hillary Clinton speaks for the Clinton family now, and aside from her campaign debt, she has no real difficulty supporting Barack Obama privately and publicly.

But Bill Clinton has a beef. A Democrat who has spoken directly to Clinton about his feelings said that the former president remains “miffed” for two reasons. One is that he feels that Obama’s candidacy was essentially an anti-Clinton candidacy; that Obama ran against Clinton’s presidential record at times, implying that it was timeworn, divisive, and damaging to the party while adopting policy positions that seemed to flow directly from the Clinton oeuvre. Why should Clinton embrace a guy who spent the past twelve months bashing him and his accomplishments?

Two: Clinton is convinced that the Obama campaign went out of its way to portray the former president as a racist. Clinton wants a private meeting with Obama to sort these things out; he has reconciled himself to the reality of Obama’s nomination and does not want to sit on the sidelines.

Well, ain’t that a bitch.

Obama’s campaign went OUT OF ITS WAY, did it?

Note to Bill Clinton – NO, HE DIDN’T.

No, he didn’t call Hillary’s campaign on 20% of the racial Dogwhistles pointed his way.

It’s ridiculous.

I get it.

Black folk were just too dumb to pick up on all the Dogwhistles. If Obama and Company hadn’t of pointed them out, then we would have just gone on clueless.

Uh huh.

So, I guess the ClintonAttacksObama Wiki was just a figment of our imagination.

Uh huh.

Nice try, Bill.

Just not buying it.

You’re mad because you got caught. You’re mad because this Uppity Negro beat you.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

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Just like Drug or Alcohol addiction

I guess I’m piggybacking on my colleague B-Serious’ post. Don Imus really isn’t the issue…but Racism and Bigotry are.

I was reading an email I received from Dr. Boyce Watkins of Your Black World, and while I appreciate he’s madder than a wet hen that Imus’ punishment for his on air bigotry, especially the “nappy-headed hoes” comments; not to mention the agitation of Jesse and Al to get Imus off the air and unemployed, only resulted in Imus being off the air for six months or so. He still collected a check from MSNBC, because he sued and got his money because he still had a contract with the network. Even though he breached it.

If any of you have listened to Don Imus over the years, his on-air bigotry is nothing new. The continual feeding of it through venues like Imus, Fox Network and yeah, even CNN tried to go there (until they learned that people of color actually watch them and they started losing in the ratings wars) indicates that, despite America’s protests of being free and equal, she has an addiction to racism and bigotry, like an alcoholic has an addition; like a drug addict has an addiction.

America’s history demonstrates her addiction – from slavery, to spitting on us after Reconstruction (thank you, Rutherford B. Hayes); from the advent of the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow, to rolling back the gains from Affirmative Action, Civil Rights Movements and Diversity initiatives and efforts – all have come forth as a result of bigotry and racism. And, just like an addict, America can’t seem to help herself.

Dr. Watkins said it best – and it gave me the idea for the post:

So, the networks continue to insult black people and there are no consequences. Personally, I am getting tired of this crap. What is most ironic is that no matter what anyone says about black people on the air (lynching Michelle Obama, killing Barack Obama, calling Mrs. Obama a Baby’s mama, calling Barack a terrorist, or calling black women Nappy headed hoes), someone is always there from the right wing willing to rationalize this behavior (some, like Juan Williams, are even black). It reminds me of a relative I had with a drinking problem. No matter how much you pointed out his weakness, he always had an explanation. America’s addiction to racism is a lot like the addictions of my uncle.

What Juan Williams and his “brotha” Armstrong does; what LaShawn Barber and Angela McGlowan do; what Star Parker, Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell, John McWhorter and others do, is enable the addict, rather than coordinating an “Intervention” and confronting them on their bigotry. And we know why. They’re equally addicted to their paychecks and their feelings of being superior to other people of color because they’re afforded the “privilege” of being “the only one” in the room…full of bigots and racists, but hey, it’s all good if you’re getting paid.

Addiction is a vicious cycle; it usually starts by trying to numb feelings and response to some event in one’s life that is traumatic and too painful for them to remember and deal with. Or, it could start very innocuously; through recreational use, and then life starts to happen, with painful, traumatic, unable-to-cope with moments that pile up and you give up. Having presented my thumbnail sketch of my opinion of addiction, I have to say that America has this addiction to wanting to keep people separated on some sort of self-created standard that those to whom it is imposed, never asked for.

Where has someone like Imus, Hannity and their ilk, been traumatized by people of color? What was the painful event? And just how painful was it that they have to revert to type and addiction and engage in bigotry and racism again?

Imus himself, really isn’t the issue. The networks who continue to tolerate him on the air, and expect us to buy the products advertised by the companies buying air time on his shows, while they continue to insult us, is the issue. I said at the time Jesse and Al had their agitations, that it would all be for nothing unless getting Imus off the air sent the message to Hannity, O’Reilly, Michael “Weiner” Savage, and others spewing talk radio, that racism and bigotry wouldn’t be tolerated, by hitting them in the pocketbooks.

You can cut off an addict, but until all avenues available to the addict are cut off and the addict is forced to actually address and deal with his addictions, all they do is find another enabler, another source of supply to feed their addictions. That’s what Don Imus did. And since he’s an actual recovering addict, one would think that Don Imus has the 12-step program principals tattooed on his chest as a reminder.

The question is how do we cut America off from her drug of bigotry and racism? How do we get her into recovery? What do we do to keep her from a relapse? How do we force her past denial of her addiction, or allow her to keep making excuses for it?

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Don Imus’ most recent case of foot-in-mouth disease. Seems Imus has a sweet spot for black athletes. The latest controversy involves comments Imus made about Dallas Cowboys cornerback, Adam “Pacman” Jones. ESPN covered the story, here.

The controversy came Monday when word broke that the troubled cornerback wished to officially drop his nickname, “Pacman,” in hopes for a fresh start. Anyone familiar with the NFL knows that Jones has been the poster-boy for everything wrong with the league for the past couple of years. His career of unquestioned talent has been spoiled by numerous arrests, suspension and multiple encounters with the league commissioner stemming from a shooting that took place at a strip club last year.

Suffice it to say, Jones always keeps the media on its toes. So, after hearing a quick rundown of the player’s rapsheet, old Imus couldn’t help but perform his journalistic duty by asking the most important question:

Imus: “What color is he?”

Answer: “He’s African-American.”

Response: “Well, there you go. Now we know.”

Now how’s that for consistency? Slightly more than a year since calling the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team, “nappy-headed hos,” good ole’ Imus is back like clockwork for another foray into black stereotypes. And doesn’t the media just love a repeat offender like Imus. It’s simple to follow and anything involving race is ratings gold.

For what it’s worth, Imus issued a clarification. . .

via Reuters:

“Obviously I already knew what color [Jones] was. The point was to make a sarcastic point. . . What people should be outraged about is they arrest blacks for no reason . . . There’s no reason to arrest this kid six times, maybe he did something once, but I mean everybody does something once.”

Do you buy that excuse? Me neither.

Of course, people are outraged. And why shouldn’t they? As one sports commentator said this morning, given his less-than-stellar career in race and gender relations, Don Imus lost the benefit of the doubt a long time ago.

Undoubtedly, many of us hear Imus’ comment and detect an implied “duh” quality that conveys a familiar, “well, what do you expect from a nigger” type of sentiment.

This does, however, bring a few questions to mind . . .

Are we surprised by this? Why should we be surprised by this? And why am I not inspired to join the next round of protest that may come as a result of Imus’ most recent comments?

I pose this open question . . .

Are we missing a larger opportunity whenever we’re confronted with a situation like this? How much can we expect to gain by trying to shame white corporate institutions into taking action on behalf of black interests?

Please note: This is not the end of this post. I invite you to read the second part of this post over at Operation Reach B.L.A.C.K., here: Imus and the Dependency of Reactionary Politics.

Pat Buchanan Award

24 Jun 2008
The great irony is that he is much more white than black, beyond skin color.

Jonathan Weisman, reporter for the Washington Post, on Barack Obama. 

The Banjo Lesson, by Henry O. Tanner

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So asks a good op-ed by Mary C. Curtis in the Washington Post.

In her piece called ‘ The Loud Silence of Feminists’, Curtis opens with:

Michelle Obama has become an issue in the presidential campaign even though she isn’t running for anything. An educated, successful lawyer, devoted wife and caring mother has been labeled “angry” and unpatriotic and snidely referred to as Barack Obama’s “baby mama.”

Democrats, Republicans, independents, everyone should be offended.

And this black woman is wondering: Where are Obama’s feminist defenders?

She’s not the only Black woman asking this.

I’d like to know too…


where is you at? (Mama, forgive me)

One has to wonder, as Michelle Obama is being labeled unpatriotic, bitter, mean, angry. Where are those feminists who saw sexism lurking around every corner with Hillary Clinton?


Ok, so they don’t defend Michelle Obama, but can’t they at least come up and point out the hypocrisy of the attacks on Michelle Obama as compared to the Pill Poppin’ Piece-On-The-Side? Is it too much for them to bring THAT up?

Why is an accomplished professional, Double Ivy-League graduate, loving wife and devoted mother NOT WORTHY OF DEFENSE BY THE FEMINIST ESTALBLISHMENT?

A new blog that has become part of my daily routine is Michelle Obama Watch, a sort of Media Matters for Michelle Obama. If you have the time, take a look at the blog. The stuff being thrown out there with regards to Michelle Obama is enough to make the blood pressure rise. But, I want to thank Gina M for doing this. For cataloguing all things Michelle Obama so that there is a one stop shop, so everyone who ‘poo-poos’ those of us who defend Michelle Obama as being ‘ sensitive’-WE can see the cumulative effect of those attacks. Seeing them gathered in one place adds to the strength of those of us who DO defend Michelle Obama.

To be fair, I have seen defense of Michelle Obama somewhat in the Feminist Blogosphere, so I give credit where it’s due. But, the SILENCE of all those that were yapping their flaps for Hillary just can’t go unnoticed.

Curtis wrote:

The campaign against Michelle Obama — who went on “The View” this week to prove her everywoman bona fides — has not caused a rift between black and white women so much as it has exposed it.

I’ve long been frustrated, as a black woman and a feminist, with our national conversation. I didn’t hear the cause speaking up for women of color or for women who have always worked in blue-collar or service jobs. Choice was not their issue.

The woman who employed my educated mother to clean her house never quite saw her as a sister in the struggle for equality.

Well, it’s no secret that I’m not a fan of feminism. I don’t believe that it had anything to do with Black women’s lives. I believe we already had our own brand of feminism, because Black women have always worked. Our ancestors – mothers, aunts, grandmothers, elders in the church- have been balancing work, relationships and marriage, well, since forever. We failed to uphold the lessons that they tried to teach us, throwing it away for something that NEVER had our families in mind. I can’t be a Black feminist if I’m being separate from the Black men in my life. Just doesn’t work for me. That’s part of the reason why there was no real ‘conflict’ for me when it came to Obama vs. Clinton. Am I Black or Woman? I’m both, but I’ve been in this country long enough to know:
1. Being Black is the true designation of my life
2. Being separated from the men in the community has not done us any good
3. ‘Sisterhood’ is a one way street; I’m a ‘ Sister’, when Mainstream Feminism wants something from me. When they’re done, then I’m kicked to the curb. I understood long ago that Miss Anne wasn’t studdin’ about my Black behind, and I don’t think I’m alone in that realization.

I said before that I wasn’t going to hold my breath waiting for Mainstream Feminists to defend Michelle Obama. This was a job that those of us who cared would have to take on our shoulders.

Their silence has been quite instructive….don’t you think?

I Am B-Serious . . .

23 Jun 2008
Jack Turner here with a short announcement. We are excited to expand the blogger lineup here to include B-Serious. In addition to running his own blog, B-Serious has seriously held court in the JJP comment area for months. We’ve read his work with admiration, and many of his comments were worthy blog posts in their own right, offering political analysis that should shame many TV pundits into early retirement.

When Jill and I began back in the summer of 2006, I don’t think either of us anticipated what JJP would become. Our growth has been due to the incredible community of commenters (and lurkers!), the timing and growth of the Afrosphere in general and the continual addition of new voices to our roster. It is with great pleasure that we welcome B-Serious to the team!

And now, a message from B-Serious


Allow me to introduce myself. . . I Am B-Serious.

And it is with great appreciation that I introduce myself to you as the newest blogger on the JJP team!

Who am I?

Okay, if you’ve ever seen School Daze, I can best be described as “Dap” (Laurence Fishburne with the megaphone). That’s how I roll. In college I was Mr. Black Student Union. . . the brotha with a plan, always holdin’ it down for the cause (whatever that cause may be). Ask my friends about me and they’ll likely say the same thing . . .“Dang, that brotha be serious!”

Hence the name, B-Serious.

FYI . . . I am NOT the “Bserious” that you might have seen over at Talking Points Memo. We’re not the same person. I do, however, run my own separate blog called Operation Reach B.L.A.C.K. I love the company, so feel free to visit as often as you’d like.

My blogging journey started out in the message forums over at I became sort of a regular over there and the conversations got so long and detailed that some suggested I take a crack at my own blog. After a little added encouragement from my family, I was off and running.

A little more about myself . . . I am a young black man (just turned 27) with a lot of ideas and an eagerness to share them with the world. As for education, I have a B.A. (Political Science/Legal Studies) and a J.D. (law degree). Regarding politics, I’ve always been a registered (progressive leaning) Independent. I will be voting for Senator Obama this November.

What else? Oh yes, I’ve been a diehard LAKERS fan since I was 9 years old. No hateration necessary. And please, Celtic fans, spare me the trash talk because I’ve already had more than enough grief over the past week. Just treat me like Hillary Clinton when it comes to my Lakers . . . I need time and space to heal my wounds (lol!). When I’m not bleeding purple and gold I’m cheering on my Buffalo Bills (proof that I’m not a bandwagon fan).

One last thing . . . I don’t care what anyone else says, but. . . when it comes to films, Coming to America is the BEST movie of all time. There’s no dispute in my book. I can watch that movie all day, every day. I’ve got every word saved to memory and I still dream that, some day, I may be the royal heir to the thrown of Zamunda! I too should walk on the petals of roses!

But, all kidding aside, I’m happy for the invitation to be a part of Jack and Jill Politics. I absolutely LOVE black thought and JJP has been a magnet for some of the most thought-provoking debates on some of the biggest issues facing the black community today. I love the exchange of ideas, the wealth of information and honest dialogue that you bring to this site each and every day. It’s a beautiful thing when done in the spirit of community and respect. How refreshing to be part of an environment that promotes black intellect. . .we need more of it!

So I look forward to our time together. And I’m humbled to know that my comments and blog have sparked enough interest and attention to be worthy of a spot at Jack and Jill Politics. Thank you!

Be Somebody,


Right now 80s looks are all the rage in the fashion industry. So why is politics headed back to the 50s and 60s? For those of you who don’t know about COINTELPRO, it was a set of covert and illegal projects run by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI from 1956-1971 designed to spy on civil rights and anti-Vietnam War groups and activists. Like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, now recognized as seminal Americans. It’s one of the reasons FISA was created.

Color of Change, FireDogLake and BlueAmerica PAC are running the ad below in the Washington Post on Thursday in response to the recent actions of Congress. Target: Steny Hoyer. Where’s the Congressional Black Caucus on protecting the civil rights of Americans given that last time around, our community was hit hard by illegal wiretapping? Read more here.

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