(Ever the kidder, Bush patronizes reporter Suzanne Malveaux on C-SPAN back in July for her pointed questioning on America’s North Korea policy and advancing nuclear threat. Still laughing, Dubya?)

I didn’t sleep so well Sun night and couldn’t figure out why until I heard the news that North Korea had tested a nuclear bomb underground overnight. Watching Bush’s brief remarks Mon am– his pinched, blank face and unfocused, rapidly blinking eyes, I could tell it was bad.

Meanwhile, Condi Rice is nowhere on the scene — oh wait, she’s all smiles and flak-jacketed in Baghdad! Of course, that’s where we should be spending all our diplomatic time. Never mind that crazy Kim Jong Il! Given that crazy seems contagious though, I figured it was time to get on the good foot and drop a line about this.

Kim, his rapper/pimp lifestyle notwithstanding, is a paranoid, meglomaniacal dictator. No one is talking about it, but I am willing to bet that some of this bad behavior has something to do with the fact that — what a coincidence! — Ban Ki-Moon, the foreign minister (equivalent to Condi here) of South Korea, is being elected to lead one of the chief world bodies of government (the United Nations) when Kofi Annan steps down at the end of the year.

Now if I’m a pimp/rapper/dictator, such a development would make me nervous. It might even piss me off. All that talk about Ban reforming the U.N.? Right now he’s holding his gun sideways and telling the world he’d like to pop a cap in our collective asses for dissing him. It’s like the Game coming in and taking over 50 Cent’s record label or something.

Sanctions are a good idea, though, the impact of yanking some Hennessey away from say, Snoop Dog would likely make him more belligerent, not less. I agree with Bill Richardson: the time for talking — six-way, one-way, menage-a-trois, whatever — has long since past. It’s not too late to start talking tough face-to-face though. Bush, once again, proves he’s asleep at the wheel when it comes to protecting our nation.

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Bill Gibson over at DailyProgress follows the N-Word scandal (hopefully not coming to a cable station near you). Both of the Virginia Senate candidates, Jim Webb and George “Macaca” Allen reportedly used the term back in the 1970s. However, Allen says he never said it. Bill Gibson’s point, and one well worth considering, is to never say never.

Mom taught school in Fairfax and Arlington counties and insisted that when a question includes the word “never,” the wiser course is almost always to reject the never answer.

I think Allen, R-Fairfax County, would not be struggling with a campaign bogged down with as large a bunch of questions about his character and charges of racial insensitivity if he had avoided making a full denial when asked if he had ever used the n-word.

I cannot pretend to be surprised that any white person who was alive in the 1950s, 60s, 70s or even 80s would have referred to black people as niggers. Truth be told, I’m not too surprised when finding those who use the term today. I’m only surprised to find myself in a position of knowing that. More truth be told, I would probably question a man’s whiteness who did not refer to black people as niggers (at least behind their backs) during the 1970s. Just what kind of white man would you be, especially a UVA-attending, quarterbacking, Confederate flag-collecting, noose-displaying-in-your-office one?

That’s because we’re talking about people who were raised by people alive in the 1930s, when “nigger” was about as derogatory to the mainstream as “blue” or “tall.” And we all know how influential parents can be over a child’s vocabulary, if not values. So part of me is actually happy to see that George Allen used the N-word. It makes him human. It confirms his whiteness.

To Gibson’s point, however, I must aggressively agree. Given that white people all over the country were trained to see and refer to Blacks as niggers, for him to say he never said it, is about as believable as him saying he didn’t know what the word macaca meant.

Some lies in the name of political expediency can be forgiven, but when that lie assumes we’re all a bunch of idiots, well that’s just triflin’. Hurry up, and lose already, Senator Allen. I’m tired of your story. Google just bought YouTube, and North Korea is testing nukes! Stop wasting my media consumption budget.

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It’s a grey Saturday here at Jack and Jill Politics. The perfect weather to spend listening to the soothing bluesy sounds of “The Incredible Jimmy Smith” album: Back at the Chicken Shack. Don’t take my word for it. It says right on the cover art over the chicken coop and above the black-and-white dog in big red letters that he’s incredible.

First a word: Jack and Jill Politics is looking for local minority-authored blogs to start building a blogroll. We want to find more progressive blogs covering politics in the states like CTBlogger (CT), Where Is the Outrage (NC), Vivian Paige (VA) and Black At Michigan (MI) with voices that can add new perspectives. If you are a local minority blogger or know a local minority blog that deserves a little more attention, please leave the link in the comments or email us at jjpolitics at gmail.com. Thanks in advance!

Mama’s got a lot to do today and I bet you do too. So I’m gonna hit you with some quick links to check out in our weekly roundup of what’s happening at the crossroads where minorities and politics meet.

Gang of Pervs
* First, this Mark Foley Predatorgate coverup thing is not partisan despite Republican efforts to make it so. That’s why they are going to lose and lose big in the elections. It’s not Democrat vs. Republican; it’s Right vs. Wrong. The cover-up caused even conservative Christian Black blogger La Shawn Barber to dig deep and question her loyalty to the current GOP leadership. Furthermore, Wanda Sykes would like you to know that Foley is giving alcohol a bad name. (Thanks to the Huffington Post for the link!) I would like to know why Mark Foley is in rehab and not in jail. Isn’t what he did somehow against some law somewhere?

* Republic of T breaks it down on attempts to connect homosexuality and pedophilia. This is wrong and ignorant, Margaret Cho agrees. Hopefully, pastors will keep that in mind in church this Sunday. Let’s keep the hate where it belongs: directed at child molesters and not at the GLBT community, ok?

More after the jump…

* Colin Powell has more luck this week finding his balls than those elusive WMDs and hits hard on the Bush Administration for its “stay the course” policy in Irag.

* President Bush signs the Secure Fence Act over the protests of major Latino organizations like LULAC, NCLR and MALDEF.

* Condi Rice gets caught in a big lie about what she knew and when she was briefed prior to 9/11. Black people across the nation sigh in shame.

* Republican Kerry Healy running for governor in Massachusetts runs a Willie Horton-style ad against Black Democratic opponent Deval Patrick. It’s kinda semi-factual and racist. Read more and watch the ad here.

* Want to know why VA State Sen. Benny Lambert endorsed George “Deer Head in Your Mailbox” Allen and why this is wrong? The BlackProf has answers for you. BTW, BlackProf is doing a census of blogs dedicated to covering African-American issues. Help him out if you can.

* Joe Lieberman plays the race card and disses his former ally, Rev. Al Sharpton.

* There was an Activists vs MinuteMen brawl at a Columbia University event this week. Both Latino Pundit and Huffington Post cover the story.

* YouTube.com finally decides to take on hate on their network more actively and gives Michelle Malkin the boot. Heh.

Flickr photo by James @ mannequindisplay.com

Several days ago, I was following a discussion on a Black folk message board. The subject of Beyonce’s latest album came up, and one woman objected to the fact that young B had made an MLK reference that was a little “off.” I decided to listen for myself and see what the todo was all about.

Sitting at home on a Friday night, I was straight jammin to the album, B’day. The first thing I noticed was Jay-Z on a bunch of songs. Didn’t this cat retire from rappin? How’s he gonna keep showing up on all these albums? He’s really trying to be like Mike. Anyway, I’m really into this track, and the next one, Upgrade U, pops on, and even though it’s a digital track from iTunes, I swear I heard the record scratch. Here’s what sista B says…

I can do for you what Martin did for the people

Ran by the men but the women keep the tempo

It’s very seldom that you’re blessed to find your equal

Still play my part and let you take the lead role

Yeah, that’s an MLK reference. Nice job, B. Educate the people right? Wrong!

The overall message of the song is that B can “upgrade” Jay-Z from his previously paltry status as super-successful-hip-hop-business-and fashion-mogul-with-mad-cars to super-successful-hip-hop-business-and fashion-mogul-with-mad-MAD-cars. The song reads like a cross between Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Cribs and The Mis-Education of the Negro.

B will provide Jay-Z with the things his life is truly missing, such as:

  • Audemarts Piguet watches ($20K – $50K)
  • Purple Label neckties from Ralph Lauren ($145)
  • Hermes briefcase ($4,400)
  • Cartier Top Clips ($200), and when you google it, Beyonce’s song holds five of the top 10 results!

Now, I wouldn’t be so put off about yet another Hip Hop / R&B album promoting extremely unaffordable luxury items, but she does it in the name of Martin Luther the King, yall! No, No, No! That ain’t cool, B. Martin did not seek to hook his people up with bling. His goal was liberation, and addiction to high-priced material things is anything but that.

As a bonus, I found some YouTube links to share. Another track on B’day is called “Ring the Alarm,” where B is playing the super jealous wife, talking about how she ain’t having no other woman getting all her things!

Beyonce’s original video.

And a better parody.

Bon Weekend my peoples. bon weekend.

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Kerry Healy’s advertisement in the MA gubenatorial race attacking Deval Patrick might feel less racist if there wasn’t an hint of an implication that African-Americans are soft on crime, sympathetic to cop killers and possibly even criminal themselves.

I’ve heard Boston and Massachusetts in general called one of the most racist areas in the U.S. In that context how can this ad not be seen as racially loaded. Healy even has it on her homepage — she’s that proud of it. Too bad for her that Patrick, a great candidate, has received numerous endorsements from police and public safety professionals, including the International Brotherhood of Corrections Officers and the International Brotherhood of Police Officers.

I’m with SkepticalBrotha on this. This is a classic Willie Horton smoke-and-mirrors maneuver to spread terror of a Negro Governor.

Healy — What’s the old saying about niggers?

He said to his friend, “If the [Niggers] march
By land or sea from the town to-night,
Hang a lantern aloft in the belfry arch
Of the North Church tower, as a signal light, –
One, if by land, and two, if by sea;
And I on the opposite shore will be,
Ready to ride and spread the alarm
Through every Middlesex village and farm,
For the country-folk to be up and to arm.

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Earlier this week, one leading Native American blogger — Native Blog — interviewed another leading Indian blogger — Voice of a Native Son (AKA AngryIndian — a name I love). Why should you care? You probably aren’t even Indian or maybe you’re like 1/32 Cherokee or something, right?

Well, as it turns out, some Native Americans happen to be voters. As a matter of fact, some folks both in and outside of Indian Country noticed in the 2004 election that in some states, Indians represent a powerful swing vote. Hmmm. Interested now? Check it out. (Shoutout: African-American Opinion)

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Why Joe Lieberman is leading in the polls in CT against Ned Lamont is seriously beyond him. I mean, how pathetic and desperate can one man be? Put aside his pro-Iraq war, pro-torture, pro-Republican, pro-child sex predator cover-up stances.

Why would he criticise and turn his nose up at Rev. Al Sharpton, a popular figure especially in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut metro area, when he was once glad to get his endorsement?

In his remarks, Mr. Lieberman also recalled the appearance of the Rev. Al Sharpton at Mr. Lamont’s side on primary night, calling it “a remarkable moment.”

Since primary night, Mr. Lieberman and his aides have repeatedly raised questions about Mr. Lamont’s alliance with Mr. Sharpton, whom they have described as divisive. (Source: NYTimes)

Why — because he is hoping to pick up conservative white voters. He apparently doesn’t care about alienating his former base of mostly Democratic African-Americans. That’s not who he cares to impress anymore.

Can this be the same man who cuddled and chuckled with Rev. Al Sharpton during the 2004 elections when Gore-Lieberman needed a strong black turnout? What a traitor.

In the news:

* 2 members of the Congressional Black Caucus from Florida — Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL) and Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-FL) are speaking out on the handling of the Foley matter. They are demanding an independent investigation.

Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-FL):
“The House leadership should let us know what they knew, when they knew it and what kind of action was taken,” Meek said. (Source: BlackAmericaWeb)

* President Bush signs the Secure Fence Act over the objections of Latino organizations like MALDEF, NCLR and LULAC.

“Constructing a wall will not deter illegal immigration to the United States, however it will result in more tragic deaths along the U.S. – Mexico border as immigrants are forced into more dangerous crossing points. Only comprehensive immigration reform that includes a legal avenue for immigrants to come to this country along with border security measures will result in a reduction of undocumented crossings into the United States. Building a wall is a waste of taxpayers’ money and will not stop undocumented immigration,” stated Brent Wilkes, Executive Director of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). (Source: LULAC Press Release)

But Hadrian’s Wall and the Great Wall of China both worked so well in keeping out the barbarians…ahem, I mean illegal immigrants. Won’t this wall be at least as effective???

* Colin Powell puts the smackdown on the Bush Admistration on the Iraq war. In Iraq, “staying the course isn’t good enough because a course has to have an end,” Powell said. Nice to see some gumption and moral fortitude again, General. I might have to stop referring to you as Uncle Tom’s Colin. (Source: MyDD)

* Peter Norman, Australian sprinter, dies. He was a brother to a couple of famous brothers and shows that a desire to join the fraternity of human rights knows no color, no division. He shared space in a photograph that shocked 2 nations and promoted social change for the better.

“I couldn’t see why a black man wasn’t allowed to drink out of the same water fountain or sit in the same bus or go to the same schools as a white guy,” Norman said. “That was just social injustice that I couldn’t do anything about from where I was, but I certainly abhorred it.”

Norman also recalled an almost surreal detail before the medal ceremony. “The guys probably don’t even remember, but it was my suggestion that they split Tommie’s gloves,” Norman said. (Source: Washington Post)

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In the midst of the Foley Feeding Frenzy, it seems all too easy to forget that there is a war going on and that people are dying. Ask a Black person you know and chances are good that they know someone personally affected by the war in Iraq — a co-worker, a cousin, a brother, a mother, an uncle, etc has been called to serve in the “war against terror”. Go ahead, I dare you. Let’s call it: Ask an African-American!

Me — I’ve had 2 cousins serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. One is a career soldier. The other was called from a comfortable life back into uniform. Everyday they’ve been there, the entire extended family has prayed for their safe return — alive and with all limbs intact. When 8 soldiers are killed in one day in Iraq, it causes a ripple through our society that encompasses all who knew those young men and women. That’s why this war is unpopular. That’s why this war is not just a comma to those it impacts.

Americans stand ready to sacrifice when sacrifice is justified. We’re sick of hearing Bush’s ever-changing, hollow justifications for the bloody occupation of Iraq. It’s time to re-focus our efforts so that lives taken or disrupted truly build toward a safer America.

Not to over-generalize, but I think Wanda captures much of the general thinking of African-Americans on the Foley Fiasco. What exactly does alcohol have to do with emailing 16 year old boys? (Peace: Prometheus 6)

Why is former Rep. Mark Foley in rehab and not in jail? After all, America would have found it very satisfying to see cops jump on Foley as he left Congress and drag him off to jail like the rest of the creeps on Dateline NBC.

Well, the laws are a bit murky. The age of consent in D.C. is 16. Yet, federal law which Foley helped to pass prohibits solicitation of a minor (under 18). Is he hiding inside a rehab center to avoid facing charges? Some of his friends and acquaintances seem surprised by his claims to be an alcoholic. Is Foley receiving special treatment as a former Congressman despite his new status as child sex predator?

Foley himself advocated harsh punishment for sex offenders saying: “when you violate a child, you lose your civil liberties.” I agree! Here’s more info on D.C. local laws. From the former tough talker, and a lot of Republicans it seems, right now all we hear are excuses.

I want to know why the NRCC feels the need to keep Mark Foley’s contribution to its campaign funds. I want to know when this guy gets registered as a sex offender who solicits and entices minors. And I want to know now.

I have a guilty habit of reading entertainment gossip blogs (I know it’s wrong but I just can’t stop!) Never thought I’d agree so strongly with a famous actor/author/adulterer. But Ethan Hawke has got it right on:

We’re in desperate need of a Martin Luther King, a Mahatma Gandhi, a Nelson Mandela; the Middle East is in desperate need of somebody to rise up and lead. I always think about how nearly every major city in this country has a Martin Luther King Boulevard, King’s picture is up in every classroom… and everyone universally admires him – but we all know what he would say about the Iraq war. We turn a blind eye to the things we know he would tell us.

Where is the Black leader who actually leads with moral clarity and a loud clear voice for human and civil rights? For peace, against torture and for fairness to people like nurses and teachers?

A lot of people want that person to be Barack Obama — but this person prbably has to come from outside elected office to truly talk back at the system? IMHO, *none* of our current leaders are cutting the mustard. Without strong moral leadership on politics ans society, we risk losing Generation Y who do not know the Struggle like Gen X, the Baby Boomers, the Greatest Generation and so on. We risk their opting out of a system that appears to have a blatant disregard for human life (Katrina) and human lives (Iraq, FoleyGate, etc). Why participate in a system that appears meaningless and corrupt? We need clear inspiring answers to those questions or we could lose more than elections in the future.

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Girlfriend — you are going to need more than a little Revlon Coffee Sensation Concealer to cover up the fact that you were briefed well before Sept 11 on the threat posed by Al Qaeda — and did nothing. Or at least nothing that prevented the disaster.

Girlfriend — a lie like that? That you get caught in? Someone is using some powerful stuff to relax your famous hair because it seems to be relaxing your mind too. Did you really think we’d fall for the old “I don’t recall” line? 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 sounds pretty scary to me. We all know you’re a strong Black woman and not easily scared. But there’s a fine line between strong…and stupid.

Girlfriend — I don’t hear you talking back to Sen. Bill Frist about his idea of allowing the Taliban — the same people who aided and comforted (and continue to do so) Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda — to share in the government in Afghanistan and that we should just give up trying to fight them. If that isn’t soft on terror, frankly I don’t know what is.

Condi Rice, girlfriend — it’s time to take responsibility for your failures on national security and step down. Or maybe if you just keep on smilin’, simperin’ and a-shufflin’ no one will even notice your race traitor tendencies!

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“Booksmarts ain’t nothin without some common sense.” So many would-be father figures in my life have shared this sagely advice with me, I think it may be the first set of words I ever heard.

But, for all her advanced education (the media just won’t let us forget that classical piano playing, Phi Beta Kappa-in, PhD totin, four language speakin, former Stanford provost) and clear intelligence (much of it wasted in the service of an administration inspired by incompetence and single-minded arrogance), Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice hasn’t seemed to master even the booksmarts part, for she has demonstrated a remarkable inability to read.

STRIKE 1: Summer 2004. Hearings before the 9/11 Commission in the US Capitol

Rice declares, “Had we thought that there was an attack coming in Washington or New York, we would have moved heaven and earth to try and stop it.”

Ah, but then she was pressed about the existence of a certain now-rockstar memo (so famous that I’m expecting any day to see the August 6 PDB on the cover of US Weekly, dating Flava Flave). From her “had we thought there was an attack coming” testimony, Condi adjusted quickly, according to CNN:

“Asked by Democratic commissioner Richard Ben-Veniste, a former Watergate prosecutor who has read the memo, to recall the title, Rice said: “I believe the title was ‘Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States.’” (emphasis most certainly added by me)

STRIKE 2: September 2006, shortly after former President Bill Clinton’s verbal drop kick on Fox News

As I reported last week, Condi came out swinging post-Clinton not-all-Democrats-will-take-this-b.s. moment, saying then, “We were not left a comprehensive strategy to fight al Qaeda,” and clearly trying to put the full blame for 9/11 on Bubba.

Yet, in a second blow to her “Terrorism? What Terrorism?” moment, Rice was forced to acknowledge the existence of this:

a memo from counter-terrorism expert Richard A. Clarke to Rice included the 2000 document, “Strategy for Eliminating the Threat from the Jihadist Networks of al-Qida: Status and Prospects.” (this time I added italics and bold. Watch out now!)

STRIKE 3: October 2006, aka Yesterday, the Tenet Meeting

Good ol’ Bob Woodward surprises all of us. After throwing two fake right punches with Bush at War and Plan of Attack, his third book lands solidly on the dome of the Bush administration in State of Denial. In this book, Woodward cites a July 10, 2001 meeting between then-CIA director and precious medal-collector George Tenet, Rice and the CIA’s top counter-terrorism officer named — why does this feel appropriate? — Cofer Black.

According to Newsday:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she cannot recall then-CIA chief George Tenet warning her of an impending al-Qaida attack two months before the Sept. 11 attacks, but according to news reports a review of White House records has determined that Tenet did brief her and other top officials

Sadly, I had no opportunity to emphasize a memo but a briefing is pretty close.

Ms. Rice, what were you doing as National Security Advisor if not reading urgent memos about impending attacks and listening to the head of the CIA and a spook named Mr. Black echo the same? In my experience, academics such as yourself are the best when it comes to memos and meetings, yet you cannot recall?

I’m sorry, but the Bob Erlichman defense just doesn’t cut it for me.

It always surprised me that Rice was so broadly approved for the job of Sec’y of State. After claiming that “who could imagine the terrorists would attack us with planes?” (uh, the creators of Flight Simulator!?!?) I thought it absurd to reward nonsense with a promotion.

However, we’re up to strike three, and it’s time to toss somebody out of the game. The final insult to me is that so many want to see Rice as president. Here’s my plan to squash that ignorant idea: the people who want her to run should send her a high priority memo.


Sing Along with me, boys and girls!!! Rated XXX so it’s safe for Congressional Pages, too!

…He’s making a list
And checking it twice;
Gonna find out who’s naughty and nice
Rep. Mark “Chester” Foley (R-FL) is coming to town!

He sees you when you are sleeping
He knows when you’re awake (or on IM!)
He knows if you’ve been bad or good
So be good (or very very bad) for goodness sake!

O! You better watch out!
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Rep. Mark “Maf54″ Foley (R-FL) is coming to town…

G.O.P. — the Grand Old Party of Gross Old Pedophilia. Check out CorrenteWire’s full history of Republicans being “ahem” naughty: Refresh Your Memory: The GOP Has Always Been the Party of Perverts

The White House and Republican Leadership’s attempts to minimize what has happened is disgusting, cynical and will likely backfire in their faces. Emailing/im’ing sexy stuff to teenage boys and the attempts to cover it up is something my grandmother (who votes) can easily understand. And won’t like one little bit. I think a lot of everyday American parents will join her in that attitude. The peril is the old chestnut — “oh it’s all a big mess of evil up there in Washington”. Don’t fall into that trap, folks. We need to turn that thinking into real energy to change the composition of who’s up there.

The GOP moralizing we’ve all endured over the past few years has turned out to be false and hollow. Republican House Leaders allowed the fox to look after the hen house and now they are scrambling. It won’t work. It’s just a shame that everyone has seen all those Dateline sex predator tv specials. See we all know what predators look, do and sound like online. And offline if they get the chance. Foley is toast and so is anyone who protected him. To mix a couple of metaphors: Someone will have to be thrown to the wolves or under the bus to satisfy the rest of America that the GOP actually cares about children — it’s an election season. It’s just a question of who and when. But Foley is not the only rep that will be stepping down is my guess. Who’d thunk the October Surprise would come early and go down like this?!?

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I figured my first turn at the racial roundup post should be inspired by an extra black authenticity. Thus, it is one day late! CP Time, yall. CP Time. Here we go:

Is Tupac’s home changin?
Booker Rising discusses the declining black population of Oakland, CA and the impact on black businesses. Berkeley’s North Gate News provides the context:

Barnett, who lives in East Oakland, has considered moving to the suburbs. He said he understands why people go. “People are leaving because it’s so hard in Oakland right now,” he said. “There are few jobs, high crime, and the schools are horrible. People want to go somewhere where their kids have a chance.”

Sounds like “Black Flight” to me, and it’s hard to blame folks, but some see a solution in joining up. From the same article:

Other black businesses have even joined the Latino Chamber of Commerce.

Meanwhile, further downstate…

Black folks try to give Heismann to brown folks
The Daily Breeze is reporting about attempts from some black residents in Gardena, CA to block a Latino market from coming to town.

About 75 neighbors packed the Gardena council chambers on Tuesday night to express opposition to the Numero Uno Market slated for the corner of Rosecrans and Normandie avenues.

“Everything coming into Gardena on our side is in Spanish,” resident Dorothy Dawson said. “I thought we were in America.”

That’s funny, Sista Dorothy. I’m pretty sure white folks said the same thing about your people when yall decided to leave the plantations.

Is integration necessary for Survival?

After only two weeks of its race-based team structure, Survivor has forcibly integrated its teams for the remainder of the season. The AP explains:

…after only two episodes, producers merged the black, white, Asian and Latino tribes into two mixed-race gangs on the CBS reality show Thursday night. No explanation was given for the quick abandonment of segregation; it seemed to pass by so quickly as to mean nothing.

“We’re back to America. We’re a melting pot,” said Parvati, a boxer on the new Raro tribe. “I love it.”

Parvati clearly got hit in the head too many times. What an idiot. I suppose next he’ll add, “now we can all get along happily ever after and pet kittens.”

Sambo continues expansion to include WWE

The HeraldSun in Durham, NC reported on a local activist outraged by two soon-to-be-released wrestling characters known as Cryme Tyme. Check out the ads that have been running in the leadup.

Here’s a partial transcript.

Announcer: “Yo, yo, yo, yo. Pop a 40 and check your rollies. It’s Cryme Tyme.”

[scene of stereotypical, cell phone-chatting white male walking through stereotypical ghetto.]

Announcer: “Oh snap. looks like homeboy made a wrong turn coming home from Banana Republic.”
GenericWhiteGuy: “You know I haven’t seen a Starbucks in like five blocks?”
Announcer: “You want coffee, G? Well, the good news is there’s something tall black and smooth right behind you.”

[on screen, stereotypical, large, menacing, black man approaches stereotypical cell phone-chatting white male walking through stereotypical ghetto.]

GenericWhiteGuy: “I think I’m in the hood.”
Announcer: “The bad news is this ain’t no venti skim latte. This is Cryme Tyme.”

Amazing. I guess wrestling isn’t the place you go for lessons in racial tolerance. All of its characters are extreme stereotypes, but that doesn’t make this latest entry any easier to follow.

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