I expect we’ll be hearing more about this soon. Harold Ford says that Republicans only fear the Lord. (That’s “God” to the confused out there.) Democrats fear and love the Lord. (Props: Hot Air)

Ford also recently unleashed an ad shot inside a church.

He is trying to out-church Bob Corker!

For those of you who weren’t raised in the Church and have no idea what Harold is trying to tell you about fearing and loving Jesus, please allow me to translate. To merely fear the Lord is to fear getting caught or having to account for your sins. To fear and love the Lord means that you are a positive person who wishes to serve God in your daily life. To do right in His eyes.

This is clever. Before you pooh-pooh, liberal non-religious folks, have a care. The Republicans can no longer claim the moral high ground. Their appeals to those who connect their religion with a strong moral sense now look hollow in the wake of Limbaugh’s ridicule of a sick man, inadequate body armor and pay for our soldiers, cover-ups of a pedophile on Capitol Hill, the deterioration of our national healthcare and educational systems even as we pursue a bloody and unnecessary war in Iraq. The failure to raise the minimum wage even as the rich get richer. And so on.

On his website, Ford has an article My Faith as My Guide:

This desire to serve and to put my faith and beliefs into action is why I ran for Congress and why I have been privileged to represent the people of Memphis in Washington for the last nine years. It is also why I am running for Senate to represent the state of Tennessee. I want to help make the lives of all Tennesseans better.

Harold Ford is planting a flag. It is a flag of faith. The majority of Americans worship in a church or a temple. Faith is important to so many of us. To be able to use the images and cadences of faith — as both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush did effectively — is to tell the majority of Americans that you understand them and are like them. Voters, for some reason, seem to like that. How does Ford’s faith guide him specifically on the issues? My Faith as My Guide has the answer:

• I will continue to work to improve the lot of the least among us because I believe that economic security, access to healthcare, and educational opportunity for all are moral imperatives.

• I will continue to promote personal responsibility and strong moral values, including the teaching of character education in all of our schools.

• I will continue to be pro-family, including supporting a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman, without taking away the civil rights of gays and lesbians.

• I will continue to work to eliminate abortions in our country without criminalizing what is undoubtedly one of the most tormenting and difficult decisions a woman will ever have to make.

Faith inspires so many to do so much. That is why I am proud to serve as chair of the Community Solutions and Initiatives Caucus in Congress, which is a group of lawmakers dedicated to finding ways to help community and church groups who want to improve the lives of their members through solutions that work, not the polarization of ideology.

The challenges facing our state and our nation–domestic security, economic independence, health care and educational opportunity–demand leaders who can look past our differences and devise solutions.

Uh, right. (?) You can call it cynical. You can call it manipulative and false. Don’t get me wrong: I think Ford tries to walk a narrow tightrope in his positions and I don’t agree with his anti-civil rights stance on gay marriage. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, Harold.

But if the positive response of evangelicals such as these folks are any indication, this may be where Ford finally outpaces Corker in swinging a few swing voters in his direction.

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The BlackProf has some fresh poll numbers for leading African-American candidates.

The following numbers are based on the average of the last 5 polls according to Pollster.com.

For Governor

Massachusetts: Democrat Deval Patrick 54% v. Republican Kerry Healey 30%

Ohio: Republican Ken Blackwell 35% v. Democrat Ted Strickland 57%

Pennsylvania: Republican Lynn Swann 38% v. Democrat Ed Rendell 56%

U.S. Senate

Maryland: Republican Michael Steele 43% v. Democrat Ben Cardin 49%

Tennessee: Democrat Harold Ford 46% v. Republican Bob Corker 47%

Looks like the hypocrisy of benefitting from the special attention and recruitment of the Republican party yet slamming affirmative action for anyone doesn’t pay off very for guys like Ken Blackwell in OH and Michael Steele in MD. Oh and if Steele thinks he is fooling black folks with his Bush-style dissembling on his actual positions on topics like abortion and stem cell research, he is sadly mistaken. As Oliver Willis points out, all that shuckin’ and jivin’ and dodgin’ and weavin’ on Meet the Press is not going to help Steele overcome Cardin’s overwhelming lead with African-American voters which the Washington Post says is Cardin 81%, Steele 14%.

When Russert asked him, “Are you running as a proud Bush Republican?” Steele replied pointedly, “I’m a proud Republican.”

Oh please!!! Just watch Bush’s loving endorsement of Steele:

I want to make it clear that I have not endorsed anyone nor do I support any one person for the 2008 Presidential race. That’s partly because no one is officially running yet. That’s also because I am not leaning in any particular direction just yet. There are some interesting potential candidates. But as my Big Mama recently said serenely and seriously, referring to Barack Obama’s chances with her: “I am not inclined to vote for someone sorely on the basis of color. It has to be about what they’ve done and what they have to offer.”

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My fortune cookie last night: “The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.”

Racism is rooted in ignorance. That is its only power it will ever have. Those who use racism to manipulate the masses will find a shrinking pool. That’s because the hip-hop generation isn’t just black. It’s all colors. We are the first generation in America that did not experience a segregated world. We see things differently. Even Strom Thurmond figured this out. Can the rest of the Republican party?

Just in time for Halloween — Jesus’ General ridicules the fear of miscegnation the RNC tried to exploit. Boo!

The big story this week: the negative ads Bob Corker is running against Harold Ford in the TN Senate race. Progressive blogs across a broad spectrum weighed in on the “bimbo” ad and the “tom-toms” ad — like Arianna Huffington, Jerome Armstrong, Steve Gilliard, Oliver Willis and others here, here, here and here. Corker must be seriously desperate if he and the RNC have to resort to some people’s fear of “race-mixing”. It’s so bad that people in other countries are talking about it. Tennessee Guerilla Women has the international coverage. FYI, for minorities, it may be interesting to explore but ultimately it really doesn’t matter if the racism is Southern or Northern-flavored. Whether it’s overt or covert. It’s binary — on or off. It’s not a matter of degrees. It’s more like the proverbial iceberg: the part you can’t see is usually a lot bigger than the part you can.

Racism is like smoking. What was cool in the 1920s and 30s is increasingly uncool today.

It’s important to call out racism when we see it. Even racists like Kerry Healy with her “Inmates for Deval” cadre (consisting naturally of her own campaign volunteers) don’t want to be tagged with the R word. Except for the hard-core white supremacists of course. Racism just doesn’t play well in the suburbs anymore.

In other news:

*** There was a lot of talk early in the week about Barack Obama’s possible bid for president in 2008. Many white bloggers and journalists showed admirable restraint in discussing his chances in the presidential race without discussing his race. Black bloggers focused a little more closely on how Obama’s race might impact him especially in light of the experience of other African-Americans who have tossed their hat in the ring, most notably Earl Ofari Hutchinson on Huff Post.

From my perspective, it would be a Clash of the Titans — Obama/Oprah vs Bill/Hillary. Our first black president vs. the next black president. Conventional wisdom says Obama is too young, too green to withstand the Clinton machine. That may be true. Still, don’t count Oprah out. Forbes ranked the world’s 100 most powerful women in 2006 and um, all-mighty Oprah is ranked a few notches higher than Hillary. Fortune ranks Oprah in the top 10 most powerful women in business. In the entire world. Reality check: Political nerds might have been really interested in Obama’s Meet the Press appearance. But all anyone around my watercooler and at my kitchen table were talking about was Michelle and Barack Obama on Oprah’s show. Can Oprah go from Imagemaker (singlehandedly turning around Madonna’s adoption debacle) to Kingmaker? We’ll see.

*** Speaking of Virginia, Doug Wilder, the nation’s first African-American governor, endorsed Jim Webb this week. This is a pretty big deal because the mayor of Richmond doesn’t just endorse anyone.

“I think he can win, and I think he will win,” Wilder said.
(Source: “>Daily Press)

That’s tough luck for George “Mailbox” Allen who was also competing with Webb for Wilder’s precious endorsement in a tight race.

Wilder said Wednesday that he had called Allen earlier in the day to give him the news. Wilder made sure Allen understood that he agreed with Webb that the election is a referendum on the Bush administration.

“I made it as clear as I could to him, it is not a personal decision,” Wilder said. “I said to Senator Allen, I don’t want to see two more years of absolute control by Republicans owning both of the houses (of Congress), because it will send the wrong message to the president that what he’s doing is right.”

Memo to Webb campaign: make some campaign ads that highlight Wilder’s thumbs up ASAP. Webb will need a strong black turnout to win and this could be the boost he needs to gain momentum. Wilder has pledged to help Webb’s GOTV efforts. Republicans gnash their teeth.

*** Quiet as it’s been kept, Indian tribes have been pouring money into AZ Republican warchests and Republicans like Sen. Jon Kyl (R) aren’t talking about it(Source: African-American Opinion via Angry Indian):

The spending is part of a nationwide increase in tribal giving. In the last 10 years, tribes have donated about $26.7 million to federal campaigns, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Yet The [East Valley] Tribune reports.
couldn’t get any of the politicians from Arizona to talk on the record about the money they have taken from tribes. Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R) answered a few questions after being “cornered” at an event “but then said he had to leave and did not answer requests for an interview to discuss his tribal donations in detail,” the paper reported. (Source: Indianz.com)

I know I’m a couple of days late and a dollar short here. (Sorry for the slow posting. I’ve been holding down that day job and by hold down, I mean like a bucking bronco.)

There is a great observation over at Booman Tribune (emphasis mine)

In the entire history of the country, blacks have held only three significant chairs. Adam Clayton Powell chaired the Education and Labor Committee for three sessions. Augustus Hawkins also chaired that committee for a session and a half, plus he chaired the House Administration Committee. And, as I mentioned above, Dellums spent a session as chair of Armed Services.

All of this is about to change dramatically if we can win control of the House in November.

Charlie Rangel is the ranking member of the Ways and Means Committee. John Conyers, Jr. is the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee. Bennie Thompson is the ranking member of the Homeland Security Committee. Juanita Millender-McDonald is the ranking member on the House Administration Committee. And Alcee Hastings is the second ranking member of the Intelligence Committee and is rumored to be favored by Pelosi for the chair of that committee. That puts five African-Americans in line to be chairs of House committees. That’s a third of the total from the last 230 years. And, more importantly, these are not minor committees. Judiciary, Intelligence, Homeland Security, and Ways and Means are MAJOR committees. House Administration is in charge of all the voting procedures in this country. This is a revolution of black power unseen previously in the halls of Congress.

If the House switches to a Democratic majority, the loyalty of black voters to the Democratic Party will finally start to bear real fruit. With African-Americans heading powerful committees, one would hope that African-Americans, so long left behind by the “Establishment” can achieve some momentum forward in areas like education, affirmative action, healthcare, small business assistance, racial profiling, housing, minimum wage increases, adequate pay for our soldiers in uniform and other issues of great interest to us — and coincidentally a whole lot of other Americans too.

This is the promise that Reconstruction dangled come to pass. This is exactly what the Ku Klux Klan, a terrorist organization founded in large part to erase the nascent socio-economic gains and the political power of the newly freed slaves — worked so hard and lynched so many people to prevent. Our voice rooted in our experience with real power to shape the nation’s destiny. Discrimination has a funny way of coloring the way you see the world. It makes you, for example, perhaps less inclined to support unlimited detention without trial and water-boarding and more inclined to safeguard human rights and civil liberties even as we work to protect ourselves from terrorism.

But hey — don’t be surprised if the Klan doesn’t rise again — this time though there might be a few Uncle Toms under those hoods in the shape of confused, ambitious brothers from the right like Michael Steele, Ward Connerly and Clarence Thomas. There may even be one or two from the left like Al Wynn.

Republicans have shown us that they are more than willing to exploit race to achieve their ends. Listen for more tom-toms beating and insinuations of incompetence. It will be critical (if there’s a change) to maintain cohesion and limit in-fighting and corruption in the Congressional Black Caucus.

The Republican racism out in the campaign ad environment is so thick even white folks have noticed it like here, here and here and here. Here’s a handy field guide for recognizing racism to the 2006 election advertisements whether delivered via print, tv or radio:

if it makes you a little uncomfortable
if it looks like it might be a little racist
if it seems like that ad may just have crossed the line
if black or latino or asian americans say it’s racist

that ad is probably really, really racist. So far, you’re doing a great job out there. Keep it up. Being an African-American, it really doesn’t matter to me whether an ad is subtly racist or overtly, obviously racist. It’s not really a matter of degrees. Racist is racist. Period. Just because someone is better at perfuming the stench of a dead body doesn’t mean the dead body isn’t still there.

The RNC and Republican candidates like Nguyen, Allen, Corker Bob Corker and Healy use racism when they are desperate. Fear of gay marriage and terrorism aren’t working on the general public anymore. So they’ve had to resort to the baser fears to try and get elected. There are ways that Democrats can benefit from this. In the short run, it’s clear that Republicans are on the ropes. It’s time to call a spade a spade like we did with George “Mailbox” “Macaca” Allen. Also, racism only works with a smaller and smaller category of voters. In the long run, Republicans are burning the bridges they worked so hard to build in the last election with minority voters and torching others with the not-so-racist, moderate majority. We’ve got longer memories than you think. And like Kos says, now we have YouTube. Nothing’s getting swept under the rug. Not anymore.

I’m glad people are bringing attention to the racist pattern of some of the Republican ads. Calling it takes away its power and not only erases any benefit the candidate hoped for, it makes that candidate and anyone in their sphere look like the very bad people that they are. It’s important and it’s appreciated.

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FYI — Jack and Jill Politics is going to move to another, better blogging platform in a few weeks. We’ll have a slicker look-and-feel and possibly better bells and whistles. Don’t be scared. Progress is good. Much thanks to Jack for his leadership on the move to that deluxe apartment in the sky.

Peace. Jill

American Muslims cross racial and ethnic lines — from Asian-American to Arab-American to African-American and so on. Support for Bush and Republicans in general is eroding now for some of the same reasons Latinos have turned away from Bush: Iraq and immigration.

Muslims also feel Bush has failed to protect them from the post-9/11 backlash:

CAIR research director Mohamed Nimer said the survey showed American Muslims were most concerned about civil liberties — an issue that has dominated the community since the September 11 attacks carried out by Muslim extremists — and education.

Foreign policy issues followed closely behind, it showed.

“There is a tremendous opposition to the Bush administration policies,” Nimer said, citing the 55 percent of respondents who felt the war on terror has become a war on Islam.

Eighty-eight percent believed the Iraq war was not worthwhile for the United States and 90 percent were against using military means to spread democracy around the world.

The survey also showed about 43 percent of those questioned felt they had been discriminated against or been the subject of racial profiling. (Source: Washington Post)

According to WaPo: “Estimates of the number of Muslim Americans vary between 3 million and 7 million. Eighty-nine percent of those surveyed said they vote regularly”. That’s a lot of people. If you believe the wiki on the subject, there are about 6 million Jews in America today by contrast. The day could come soon when Muslims represent a similarly powerful voter constituency.

This is a huge opportunity for Democrats and progressives. Hope they don’t blow it as badly as Bush and his ilk. You can read the study here.

What can Brown do for you, Mr. or Ms. Candidate? They can vote for you. Or as the Republicans are now learning — not vote for you. No one has really talked much about it but part of the reason Democrats are looking to do well in the mid-term election is that Latinos are swinging left. (Hat tip: DemFromCT via DailyKos)

President Bush, strategist Karl Rove and other top Republicans have wooed Latino and black leaders, many of them evangelical clergy who lead large congregations, in hopes of peeling away the traditional Democratic base. But now some of the leaders who helped Bush win in 2004 are revisiting their loyalty to the Republican Party and, in some cases, abandoning it.

The Latino backlash has grown so intense that one prominent, typically pro-Republican organization, the Latino Coalition, has endorsed Democrats in competitive races this year in Tennessee, Nebraska and New Jersey. The coalition is chaired by Hector Barreto, the former administrator of the Small Business Administration under Bush; its president is a former strategist for the Republican National Committee. (Source: LA Times)

In 2004, Latinos were the “It” demographic. Everybody wanted their vote. Does anyone remember the awkwardness of both Bush and Kerry speaking Spanish at rallies? In 2006, it’s all about the Black vote. Look, the black and brown were paying attention during the Katrina TV coverage. The Republicans left the black and brown to die around this time last year. All of the promises and church clapping and tamale eating by white politicians, it all looks really fake now. The Republicans have flip-flopped on immigration so many times swerving from violations of human rights to amnesty to fence building and back again.

Futhermore, Blacks and Latinos serve disproportionately in the military. Many of us know people who have been sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. Black and Latino voters and their leaders are angry about what’s happening over there — and what’s happening over here. And they’re not likely to be fooled by Bush’s pretending to be open to options other than “stay the course” whether it’s on Iraq, healthcare, education, energy prices or any other Bush issue.

Steve Gilliard says:

More importantly, talking to churches is a pointless strategy, because the ministers don’t control the Congregation. They can take the money, but the church ladies are the center of gravity in the church. And blacks seperate religion and economics rather sharply. Just because someone goes to TD Jakes megachurch on Sunday doesn’t mean she’s not a Houston teacher and union member on Monday. So lining up the ministers would fail badly.

And outside attempts to reach black voters range from the insulting to the outright racist.

As America become 50 percent minority, the GOP is doomed as a whites only party, something Mehlman got and Rove didn’t take as seriously as he needed to.

What did they do instead? Between Katrina, and Kanye West delivered the death blow to Bush’s hopes of black support, and the immigration rallies, where Latino teenagers first formative political experience was opposing the GOP, they have ensured that another generation will not listen to their pleas.

The Republicans were able to gain some inroads because the Democrats took key elements of their base for granted. Now that the Republicans have shown their true colors, it’s up to the Democrats now to welcome back the Black and the Brown. Not with a shrug but with open arms. Try asking — what can I do for Brown for a change rather than what can Brown do for me?

Watching the Deval Patrick v. Kerry “You Know You Want to Rape Me” Healey race in Massachusetts got me thinking about Boston. Many black friends have told me that that city is among the most racist in America. Having a bit of a thing for alternative weeklies, I decided to check out Boston’s publication, The Weekly Dig, and see how they covered our people.

Expecting zero coverage. imagine my surprise…

… when I came across a glowing review of the movie American Blackout published the same day Jill mentioned it:

I just involuntarily got up on my desk and shouted, in a voice about 500 percent more churchworthy than mine, “What would happen to American politics if every black vote simply got counted?” Damn—it sounded like Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA). Using the swiftboating of McKinney as a backdrop, Blackout documents the ways in which black voters got shut out of the polls in the last two national elections, with a depth and resonance rarely achieved by the media coverage at the time.

But wait. There’s more! I also found this long-ish story on the efforts of Ed Bullins to continue the overtly political theatre of the Black Arts Movement by starting a theatre company in the Roxbury neighborhood:

Bringing hot-button art to the public has never been easy. And if that art’s got a political message, well, then you’re really screwed. Odds are damned high that someone in power is going to have a serious problem with it.

Ed Bullins is all too familiar with this phenomenon. The acclaimed playwright has been having a whole lot of trouble getting his new theatre company, Roxbury Crossroads Theatre, off the ground. Now in its second year, the company is only just mounting its first full production, A Black Arts Drama Showcase

So much for blanket stereotypes about cities. Perhaps this will inspire a regular “virtual tour of local media coverage by and about blacks and politics.” If you have any leads, do pass them on to your man Jack Turner.

Oh and bigup to Afro-Netizen and blackprof for their coverage of Brown University’s report on reparations. I was planning my own post on the subject, but they did such a solid job, I’ll just pass on the link love. Once I’ve had a chance to read the full report, I may offer my own take on the report and implications for a broader, nationwide discussion of reparations beyond, “I’m rich beyotch!”

From the Washington Post:

George H.W. Bush:
“I would hate to think . . . what my son’s life would be like” if their Republican Party lost its majorities.

George “Dubya Dumbass” Bush:
“He shouldn’t be speculating like this, because — he should have called me ahead of time and I’d tell him they’re not going to [win].”

Jill to Dubya:
“Be afraid. Be very afraid…of accountability under the hands of good, smart, brave men like John Conyers and Charlie Rangel. Your daddy’s afraid of ‘these wild Democrats in charge of these [congressional] committees’. And you should be too.”

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You know, I personally don’t think Jim Webb is racist. Is he perhaps a little awkward in his communications with black voters? Maybe, but he’s getting better. Doug Wilder, the first black governor of Virginia, thinks Webb needs to do more to get his endorsement. Wilder’s endorsement is critical in any contemporary VA race and Webb needs it badly given this tight contest.

From the Washington Times:

Mr. Wilder said that he has spoken with both nominees — and with Mr. Webb as recently as Thursday.
“I told him that I think a lot of people are looking to see which of the candidates has a concise clear message that distinguishes one from the other,” he said. “It’s not a matter of voting against somebody but reasons that people would want to vote for Jim Webb.”
Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, a Democrat, knows the power of a Wilder blessing: He was endorsed by the mayor Nov. 2, less than a week before last year’s election.
“It helped a lot,” Mr. Kaine told The Times. “At that point, we felt like we had momentum and it was a confirmation of momentum, which created more momentum.”

Webb needs black votes. Facing South asks why Webb isn’t doing better and comes up with a few answers, including his popularity with African-Americans.

Then there’s the issue of race. Given Allen’s “macaca moment” and other episodes, this should be Webb’s ace in the hole. But as recently as 2000, Webb was bashing affirmative action (a position he’s since retreated from) and in 1990, he addressed Confederate descendants at the National Confederate Memorial, asserting that Southern soldiers believed they were fighting for “sovereignty rather than slavery.” It has added up to a problem…

I think Wilder wants to come out for Webb given his statement like:

Wilder told the Free Press that “he would keep searching for [Virginia State] Sen. Lambert’s justification for backing Sen. Allen, who has voted for the policies of Republican President George W. Bush 97 percent of the time.” Wilder added that he was “mystified” and “wanted to know the reason.” (Source: Not Larry Sabato

Webb hasn’t given him the opening Wilder’s looking for apparently.

There are a lot of reasons to vote for someone other than George “Noose” Allen. I think there are reasons to vote for Webb though. He’s a good candidate and would make a solid Democratic senator. He just needs to demonstrate his understanding of black folks and our issues. Let’s hope more people agree with me come election day. Including Doug Wilder.

I just read Gregory Kane’s article over at BlackAmericaWeb.com entitled “What Was the Greatest Black Conservative Organization Ever? The Black Panthers“. Forget about the racist, fraudulent, front group Black America’s PAC (BAMPAC). Oh no, when black Americans create their own conservative organization, it has a home-grown unique flavor. Like the difference between sauteed spinach and collard greens with hot sauce and bacon. Oh and it won’t be underground or subtle. Like the Panthers, Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice or Ward Connerly, for example, they’ll make themselves known and get attention. From the article:

But on many of their core principles, the Panthers were the forerunners of today’s black conservatives. Four examples prove my point.

1. The Panthers absolutely believed in the Second Amendment. Today’s black liberal Democrats scurry for the hills whenever anybody mentions gun rights. In 1966, Newton and Seale had the gall to tell Oakland and the world that both the spirit and letter of the words “a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” applied to black folks.

I think this article is a bit tongue-in-cheek. After all, we used to get the Black Panther Party newsletter at home when I was a little kid. Other periodicals included the Crisis, Ebony, and um, Harper’s Bazaar.

Right. Anyway, I actually read it as a little kid. I don’t remember much. I liked the cartoons.

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Yo, I heard it’s said the revolution won’t be televised
But in the land of milk and honey
There’s a date you gotta sell it by
Otherwise it just expires and spoils….

The revolution’s here
No one can lead you off your path
You’ll try to change the world
So please excuse me while I laugh

– lyrics from Talib Kweli‘s The Beautiful Struggle

Welcome to another look into the cross-section of race and politics in America. Things are getting down to the wire; the clock is running out on what we hope will be D-Day — Democrats’ Day — on Nov. 7. Republicans are desperate and trying a new flava of fear — instead of terrorism, it’s fear of the brown, fear of the Other. Trouble is, this time, it’s failing. People have stopped buying the Rethuglicans’ bull and between Iraq, child sex predators, indictments and other assorted crimes and misdememors. If you can, drop a little cash — say $25 — on Matt Stoller and Chris Bowers to help them bring us the news from the field. Think of it as taking one of them out to lunch or dinner. Join the beautiful struggle and let’s keep working towards a November revolution. Please excuse me while I laugh. — Jill

Lead Story: Tan Nguyen Gets His 15 Minutes of Fame

In the CA 47 race for Congress, Republican candidate tries to erode incumbent Rep. Loretta Sanchez’s base by sending out a flyer to 14,000 Latino residents in her district that read in poorly written Spanish:

You are advised that if your residence in this country is illegal or you are an immigrant, voting in a federal election is a crime that could result in jail time, and you will be deported for voting without having a right to do so.

Nguyen quickly adopted the Hastert Defence: blame a staffer. He’s been asked to withdraw by Orange County CA Republican party officials. But there’s more to this story than meets the eye. Nguyen had been running on an anti-immigration platform and drew support from organized, “border security” racists on the fringe of the Republican party exemplified by Pat Buchanan. DailyKos Diarist Duke1676 has the best analysis on this I’ve read so far.

Meanwhile over at AsiansVote.com, they’re encouraging local Asian Americans to do the right thing:

…the fact that [Nguyen's] campaign was involved eliminates him from any serious consideration by anyone with any commitment to democracy in America. Orange County readers, vote for Nguyen’s opponent, Democrat Loretta Sanchez. BTW, Jim Webb’s campaign has had its ups and downs with VA black folk(mostly up right now post-Barack Obama visit), but hanging out at AsiansVote.com, I learned Webb’s got strong cred in VA’s Vietnamese-American community. Also, Tammy Duckworth, Asian-American Iraq war veteran, got a big boost in her run for IL 6 with an endorsement from the Chicago Tribune.

In other news:

You may not realize it but there are a couple of holidays happening right now. Happy Diwali if you celebrate it and congratulations on the White House party emcee’d by Karen Hughes and attendedby over 150 guests, including many prominent members of the Indian-American community. President Bush was a no-show as was VA Sen. George “Macaca” Allen. (Source: Sepia Mutiny)

It’s also Ramadan and warm greetings to you if you are observing the holiday. For the majority of Muslims, Ramadan is a family- and community-oriented holiday with fasting, feasting, charity and prayers. Yet it’s possible that religious extremists are using the holy season to fan the flames of violence in Iraq.

Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell IV expressed concern Thursday over the failure of the military’s new Baghdad strategy to curb mounting levels of violence in the city: “In Baghdad alone, we’ve seen a 22% increase in attacks during the first three weeks of Ramadan, as compared to the three weeks preceding Ramadan.” (Source: TruthDig)

Eid ul-Fitr, a joyous holiday which marks the end of Ramadan, is coming up next week. Unfortunately, it’s possible that there’s more bloodshed ahead. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep in mind what Ramadan is really about for most people — the same as holidays everywhere: food, family, worship and celebration.

For an excellent article that outlines what’s really happening in Iraq and the tough choices ahead, I recommend this BBC article Bush’s Iraq Options Limited:

There are at least four wars going on Iraq – the war by jihadists against US troops, the war by nationalists against US troops, the war by Sunni jihadists against Shias and the war by Shia militias against Sunnis.

Any action [Bush] takes to alleviate one area could impact on another.

There’s more: I was in a Coach store the other day (ok, it was actually just an outlet) and I was helped by a young woman from Iraq behind the counter. When I asked if she still had family back there, she told me: “They live in Jordan now. Everyone’s left Baghdad. The city is empty.” Except for those fighting the war, apparently. It’s just one woman’s story but what else don’t we know about what’s happening over there? Republicans are in search of an exit strategy. According to African-American Opinion, a good plan already exists on the Democratic side from the folks at American Progress called Strategic Redeployment.

Sen. Barack Obama launched his “Audacity of Hope” book tour this week with a Time Magazine cover and a visit to Oprah. Widely watched, Oprah’s endorsement has been a big topic of discussion in the black community. My Big Mama wants to know if Oprah is planning to help bankroll Obama’s campaign should he decide to run for president. When I asked her whom she would vote for if she had to choose between Edwards, Clinton and Obama, she said she wouldn’t choose according to color but according to what they’ve done. I think that’s an opinion shared by many Americans. Still, an Obama bid opens up a few questions. Check out the Jack and Jill Politics take on Obama and the black community from Jack Turner.

Republican Lt. Gov. Kerry Healy continues her fear-based racist campaign for Massachusetts Governor against Democrat Deval Patrick with a new ad associating him with rape. Because we all know that all black men secretly long to rape white women, even gubernatorial candidates. In fact, Patrick’s bid to become governor is a secret plot to make it easier for him personally to rape white women with impunity. Luckily thinking people think Scarlet O’Healy is crazy, racist and also just plain wrong wrong on the facts.

Harold Ford Jr. inexplicably endorsed non-Democratic candidate Joe Lieberman in CT. Why Harold, why? Surely you are not that desperate to pander to the right-leaners in TN? Aren’t Democrats supposed to support other Democrats? It’s a little unclear which side Lieberman is on these days. Also, there happens to be a really great Democrat who, like you, would like to be elected as a Democratic senator. His name is Ned Lamont/

Finally, Michael Steele’s endorsements from psychotic convicted rapist Mike Tyson and convicted murderer Don King baffled and insulted African-Americans. We’d like to know why some people might think we’d be impressed by the political opinions of criminals anymore than the average white person might be interested if Charlie Sheen or Robert Downey Jr. endorsed say Hilary Clinton or George Allen. We’re not impressed and frankly, it shows the desperation of Steele’s Senate campaign in MD to pull black voters away from Democrat Ben Cardin. Oliver Willis breaks it down for you in his post Michael Steele Spits In The Face of Black America. Other people spitting in the face of Black America include:

* the guy who’s planning to create a MySpace-like social networking site called “CrackSpace” (hat tip: Racialious via Crunk and Disorderly) for African-Americans. This is neither appreciated nor necessary because we’re already using a social networking site called MySpace.

* Black America’s PAC (BAMPAC) who is currently running pro-Republican, pro-life ads in 10 states aimed at African-American voters. Here’s the text from one ad:

“If you make a little mistake with one of your ‘hos,’ you’ll want to dispose of that problem tout suite, no questions asked,” one of the men says.

“That’s too cold. I don’t snuff my own seed,” the other replies.

“Maybe you do have a reason to vote Republican,” the first man says.

Republican pro-life groups have been trying to use abortion as a wedge issue in the black community. I’m here to tell you though, blaxploitation-style messaging that identifies black voters as pimps and hos is unlikely to achieve any inroads outside perhaps of the very small pimp/whore community. And is likely to make everyone else really angry. No black person would ever be so stupid as to create a repugnant ad like this. So who’s really behind these ads?

Blacks are crucial to multiple mid-term races both as candidates and as voters. You can catch a solid Joint Center update on African-American candidates, both Republican and Democratic, here.

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(Source: Metroblogging Orange County)

Tan Nguyen running for the CA 47 congressional seat has been excoriated by all for his desperate attempt to discourage immigrants from voting. This flyer in poorly written Spanish and sent to 14,000 Hispanic residents should look familiar. Excerpt:

You are advised that if your residence in this country is illegal or you are an immigrant, voting in a federal election is a crime that could result in jail time, and you will be deported for voting without having a right to do so.

Tactics like these have been used against African-Americans since the first election after the Emancipation. The idea is to spook low-information voters away from the polls. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the books with lots of variations especially involving taxes, voting fees, unpaid utility bills, parking tickets, etc. Whatever they think is scary to potential voters.

The Republican party in CA took a strong stand (when it got caught) and Republicans claim to cry foul. Mainstream voters don’t cotton to out-and-out naked racism anymore. It’s unfortunate when a member of a minority group targets another minority group. Now that America is rapidly becoming more diverse, we can expect to see more of this I am afraid. The New York Times has a good editorial “It’s Voter-Fooling Time” on the Republican race-baiting that that is proving to be a useful tool. It’s subtle — focused on targeting within communities using proxies to carry divisive messaging. It’s sly — with one hand washing the other hand clean (how dare they suggest we’re racist? OR hey, it’s black people telling other black people to vote Republican — how can that be racist?) It makes RedState mad cuz it’s true.

A DailyKos diary from Duke1676 has some background that you might not find in the news such as:

This should come as no surprise given the people Nguyen has chosen to associate with.

His senior adviser, former Orange County Republican Party Chair, Tom Fuentes, has a long history of anti-immigrant advocacy and orchestrating dirty tricks designed to suppress the Latino vote. In addition to being a moving force behind California’s failed proposition 187 (along with Barbara Coe), in 1988 he caused a major controversy when he ordered the stationing of Republican poll guards to stand outside polling places in Latino neighborhoods during a local Assembly race.

The Republican party can run from their racist tactics. But they can’t hide. Nguyen ran on an anti-immigration platform. His campaign was built on a foundation of racism so it shouldn’t be surprising that things got more vicious and crossed the line. It’s starting to stick to Republicans like white on rice. The race-baiting might have worked in the 2004 elections and even the primaries but they’re running out of cover fast.

I hope this gives a boost to incumbent Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA).

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