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Jared Loughner may not have attended a Tea Party rally or registered with any Tea Party groups, but he shares several similarities with the Tea Party movement. 1. Anger Against The Government The first obviously is his anger against the government. His violent act reflected the anger against government for health care, and immigration symbolized […]

This is a day we won’t soon forget. This is a tragic day in our nation’s history without question. I mean, you can’t go to the Safeway anymore without some nutjob trying to shoot up the neighborhood. I know you join me in praying earnestly for the 18 victims of the shooting, their families, everyone […]

I’ve been studying on Allen West who was just elected from Florida’s 22nd District to the House in the midterm elections. He was one of 2 Black Tea Party candidates who managed to get himself elected. His district went 52% for Obama in 2008 and is mostly comprised of wealthy white people. We’re talking Boca […]

UPDATE: Jack Turner AKA @baratunde has been tracking down the Benedict College sitch. Here’s what’s up. SC law says that you must have one of the following items to vote on Election Day: Voter Registration Card Driver’s License DMV-issued ID Card This is silly since in all my years of voting at college, in MD, […]

The NAACP and The Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights (IREHR) have just released a report called Tea Party Nationalism. The NAACP’s basic stance is that most Tea Partiers are perfectly nice people. There are some, however, documented white supremacists, white nationalists and bigots who have infiltrated the Tea Party — and some […]

Dave Neiwert featured this over at Crooks and Liars over the weekend. It must be so hard for the Tea Party to find creative ways to express their racism in ways that don’t look so racist. Cuz no one wants to be racist. It’s not cool.  This looks like a pretty unsuccessful effort.This is part […]

A clock is right twice a day (unless it’s military time). So I found myself vomiting a little in my mouth watching the Shirley Sherrod episode play itself out. Glenn Beck for once called it correctly — the White House jumped at the bait and without any investigation, jumped the gun and pushed the USDA […]

Shirley Sherrod is my hard-working grandmother. She grew up in the South, worked hard to gain a senior position within a historic administration, and in a matter of days, is a living example of the stupidity of 24-hour news, out-of-context grainy YouTube clips (read: ACORN and Rev. Wright), and as one commenter put it, a […]

Earlier this week, the NAACP formally called on the Tea Party to address the racism that has been a significant, persistent part of their movement. The NAACP is right to confront the Tea Party — and the way that some Tea Party leaders have reacted illustrates just how necessary this is. Yesterday, Mark Williams, a […]

The Tea Party’s leaders’ claims of race-neutrality ring hollow given their racially-inflammatory words and strategy. I exposed the Tea Party’s  double-talk here at some length yesterday. Here’s new video from Think Progress (courtesy of Eric Wingerter over at the NAACP – thanks) from actual Tea Party rallies among their rank and file members out that […]

Here’s what Ben Jealous actually said to the Tea Party on Tuesday: “You must expel the bigots and racists in your ranks or take full responsibility for all of their actions.” In reaction, Red Queen of the Tea Party Sarah Palin has pulled the race card cuz now her family kicks it with Eskimos and […]

It’s really good question. I agree with him — there would be a lot of people shot, arrested and killed for waving guns around. If Fox News is freaking out about TWO (2) “New Black Panther Party” members at one 2008 polling place, one of which was actually arrested on the spot for brandishing a […]

Better late than never, I’d say for the NAACP to grope around for some relevance to the actual challenges African-American. As you know, here at JJP we’ve been talking about the racism rife and ripe within the Tea Party for a long time now. Other bloggers & journalists, both black and just people who love […]

I agree with Jed Lewison over at DKos. Harry Reid’s campaign may have come into the race for Nevada’s senate seat a bit battered and bruised. But he’s got to be able to rise above this. Angle spouts some typical Tea Party nonsense which would be almost amusing if she wasn’t trying to become a […]

The National Tea Party Unity convention apparently is a bust. Looks like they weren’t able to make much of a splash in Vegas. Despite their flimsy excuses, it’s clear that turnout was low and they are hoping for more time to boost their numbers. And possibly that October will have folks more interested in the […]

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