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Note: The show airs at Noon ET-3pm today and every Saturday. Tune in to Oprah Radio on Sirius XM or right here in the Internetwebthing Two years ago, we were one of the first blogs to post this video of Derrick Ashong’s intelligent and diplomatic response to an aggressive YouTuber attempting to make Derrick look […]

Most times I change the channel when I see African children on my television screen. The images are formulaic—poverty stricken brown babies, bellies swollen, faces scowled in sadness—hopeless, save for the potential grace that a “dollar-a-day” might provide. I balk at the images, not because I begrudge these children those dollars for food and shelter, […]

cross-posted to goodCRIMETHINK I’m just so proud of my folks. Yall remember Derrick from the now-infamous (900,000+ views) set of YouTube videos featuring him discussing Obama. This past Monday, the NY Times business page featured him on the front. Today, has his response to the Obama speech. An excerpt: Like many Americans I watched […]

cross-posted to goodCRIMETHINK Well, Derrick is at it again. I guess I can stop claiming him since YouTube has sort of set this brotha on another level with his two videos so far. (For anyone new to the Internet, Derrick answered a man-on-the-street question about Obama a few weeks back, and that video is near […]

cross-posted to goodCRIMETHINK Last week, I posted a video of my friend Derrick Ashong getting interviewed about Obama and health care outside the LA debate between Clinton and Obama. That video has blown up, and Derrick has received thousands of comments and other responses. Today, he explains how he came to be interviewed (not staged) […]

cross-posted to goodCRIMETHINK Update: Derrick has posted a response video What a great video! Derrick and I went to college together and have worked on mad projects including the Sweet Mother Tour. He’s a member of the award-winning band Soulfege, and clearly knows how to handle himself on camera. The interviewer clearly started off thinking […]

cross-posted to goodCRIMETHINK I’m so proud of the people I know. A few weeks back, my boy Derrick Ashong held it down for Obama and yesterday fellow NYC comedian Lee Camp straight up punked Fox News. Lee and I have worked together for countless shows as part of Laughing Liberally. The entire clip is three […]

cross-posted to goodCRIMETHINK Update (7pm): Senator Watson has written up a pretty good “My Bad” over on his site. Much has been made of Texas Senator Kirk Watson‘s poor performance on CNN last night. He needs to seriously train up on media appearances and know his candidate before speaking on his behalf. But Stephanie Tubbs […]

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