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Newark Mayor Cory Booker prepares to speak to The Common Good in Midtown Manhattan by moving the podium out of the way I first saw Cory Booker speak at the Democratic National Convention in Boston in 2004. Here’s what I wrote then: The other Youth Caucus highlight for me was seeing former Newark city councillor […]

via I think I’m becoming obsessed with Newark and Cory Booker. I’ve been watching the Brick City miniseries on Sundance (also available on iTunes) and highly recommend it. If you live in Newark or just have thoughts, I’d love to hear your impressions of this mayor and this city. Dude is hella enthusiastic! Posted […]

President Obama has tapped rising political star Cory Booker to help bring more safety to America’s urban centers. You know it’s a story that involves Oprah. For ladies wanting to get with super-fine Cory (good luck – he’s been linked with women like Gayle King & Arianna Huffington), he says: On dating: “I need to […]

via I just love this guy’s attitude and love for his city! And his use of social media is on point. Keep it up mayor. Posted via web from baratunde’s posterous

The prez was on the Today Show this am talkin’ bout education in America with Matt Lauer. He sounded committed to improving education in this country, especially the lowest performing 5% of schools. He also touched on some high profile gifts to schools recently. From USA Today: “Money without reform will not fix the problems,” […]

I was shocked and appalled at the recent lightweight front page (of the online edition) New York Times article essentially saying that New Yorkers of the NY-15 Congressional district (Harlem, Upper West Side, Inwood, Spanish Harlem, are preparing to re-elect Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY). They admit, begrudgingly and not at all at the beginning of […]

Here are pictures and the toast for the State Dinner for the country of Mexico: US President Barack Obama waves as he stands with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, his wife Margarita Zabala, and US First Lady Michelle Obama, as the Mexican President arrives at the White House May 19, 2010 for State Dinner ceremonies, at […]

The only man who admitted to assassinating Malcolm X — in cold blood — is now free after spending 45 years of his life in prison. For those of us who read “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” in high school or college, which is a brilliant journey from anger to brotherly love and revelation, or […]

Afternoon Open Thread

Mayor Cory Booker discusses with Rachel Maddow his city not having a murder in this calendar month – the first time this has happened since 1966, and other programs he’s trying to institute in the city. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Good Afternoon. Drop those links. Engage in […]

Last night I visited Newark, NJ for the first time. I’d been through Newark on buses and trains between NYC and Philly or DC, but I had never bothered to stop. I’d become mildly obsessed with the city as my previous posts on Mayor Cory Booker and the Brick City documentary made clear. However, last […]

This is what ESQUIRE thinks about our Men of Color.  Eff Them and use their magazine for toilet paper in today’s economic climate.  Your parrot might not like his birdcage being lined with it. When you decide you want to write articles that allegedly are supposed to uplift the few notable African-American heroes we have, why […]

via Yesterday, I finished watching Brick City, a five-part documentary about the city of Newark and its attempt to manage crime during the summer of 2008 under Mayor Cory Booker. I’ve also recently watched Street Fight (the story of Booker’s 2002 campaign against the horribly corrupt Sharpe James) and The Nine Lives of Marion […]

via Premiere’s tonight Monday, September 21 at 10:00pm on Sundance Channel From the release: The first episode of Sundance Channel’s provocative and eye-opening documentary series Brick City premieres tonight. As Summer 2008 approaches, no one has forgotten the bloody summer of ’07, when three college students were murdered, execution-style, on the playground of Mt. […]

Wow, debate camp must not be going so well if the McCain camp is pre-attacking respected journalist Gwen Ifill who, ahem, happens to be black and therefore couln’t possibly be impartial. McCain supporters are trying to play the race card saying that she’s biased. If that’s true, than Tom Brokaw who is apparently NBC’s liaison […]

It is one of the primary arguments of my other blog, Too Sense, that “black problems” don’t really exist, that issues in the black community are an exacerbated microcosm of larger American issues. So there is something to be learned from the flare-up of white identity politics over Obama’s “bitter” comments. Hillary and McCain’s attempts […]

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